Fantasy League 2014


Final League Standings are found here.


The Rules are detailed below:

Ruleset – Warhammer 8th edition

WYSIWYG will not be enforced but models must be clearly identifable. Proxies must be clearly defined.

Models do not have to be painted.

We will be using the Win/loss/draw system from the rulebook, Win by 100 pts or more and you are the winner. Random scenarios will be in play and the winner of the scenario wins the game and VPS will be used only for tiebreaker on the final table.

Wins: 3 points
Draws: 1 Points
Loss: 0 point

Army Points:
No more than 2000 pts per army.

Army choice:
You may select one army for the duration of the league. New army books released during the league can be used but only one month after the initial release date.

Army Lists:
Army lists are to be submitted and used for every league game, and only in the finals may a new list be submitted.

Rule Disputes:
Disputes should be settled by consulting the Big Rule Book (BRB), most recent FAQs from the GW website and, if not resolved, a dice roll off by a neutral party (grab someone to chuck a dice at the table).

People will randomly be drawn into a group each and the top two of each group will be going into a final group of 4 to determine the overall winner.

The League started during March 2014 and will finish at the end of June 2014. After that a date will be agreed by finalists to either play the 3 games in a day or else over a month.