Bolt Action Campaign (Beginner Campaign) Round 4

Round 4


At the beginning of round 4 the map looks like this



Round 4 Orders

Conglomerate of Africa attack 27

Murica! Freedom Fighters attack 29

The Ruskies attack 29

Das Booters attack 8

Smersh attack 8

Brotherhood of Rog move into 3

Varangian Guard attack 13

Screaming Eagles attack 13

The Desert Rats attack 37

Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers move into 1

Illinois Eagles move into 1

Black superiors move into 1

Finns on Crack attack 21

Ferret Force move into 15



Confirmed battles to be played

Conglomerate of Africa (stephen padraig taylor) vs Murica! Freedom Fighters (wolfie)
Brotherhood of Rog (roger campbell) vs Murica! Freedom Fighters (wolfie)
Brotherhood of Rog (roger campbell) vs The Ruskies (Graham)
Brotherhood of Rog (roger campbell) vs Das Booters (jonto81)
Brotherhood of Rog (roger campbell) vs Smersh (darkarcher)
Murica! Freedom Fighters (wolfie) vs The Desert Rats (biggreenj)
Conglomerate of Africa (stephen padraig taylor) vs Varangian Guard (just4kix)
Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers (tenaciousb) vs Illinois Eagles (reroll)
Conglomerate of Africa (stephen padraig taylor) vs Screaming Eagles (alby1976)
Illinois Eagles (reroll) vs Black superiors (mackey69)
Varangian Guard (just4kix) vs Finns on Crack (azura25)




Latest Round 4 News

none yet


Round 4 final movements/battle outcomes

Ferret Force move into 15
Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers move into 1 when they defeat Illinois Eagles
Brotherhood of Rog move into 3, whilst at the same time defending all their countries
The Desert Rats capture 37 from Murica! Freedom Fighters
Finns on Crack take 21 from Varangian Guard
Screaming Eagles capture 13 from Conglomerate of Africa

Demos with an Icestorm

Infinity Banner

Hey Folks,

I’m back posting and gaming after a hiatus caused by a screaming baby boy joining my brood. (Future Gaming Guru)

I really haven’t got much to report other than being able to get a few demo games in of the new Infinity Starter box set and a taste of the 3rd edition rules.

Firstly, I’d like to take the chance to say that the box set is excellent value for an entry into the game system. Loads of models, variety in the game play and nice (not great) play mat/scenery. I’d could go into a greater detail review of the scenery at another time but would like some pics to add in to the post. (Time is short with the new addition to the family :P)

Second, the rules pack that comes with the Operation: Icestorm pack is top notch learning guide for the game. I was able to give three demo games up at WeeGamers in one evening and showed off the basic mechanics very well. Also, with each mission as you progress through the rule book adds in more and more rules. This means that you are not immediately overwhelmed by a wall of text and can get into a quick game straight away. Other Quickstart rules should take note of how this was done and the progression level was pitched just right.

Lastly, I’ve always been impressed by the sculpts from Corvus Belli, and the models in the box set are no exception. They are not as bulky as other game systems and do not feel as robust as say Games Workshop models. However, the quality and variety of poses really take it to another level. The anima/sci-fi/cyberpunk feel is immediately recognizable and gives the impression of comic book style art direction. As I said, I was fan of the models before playing the game and these additions to my Infinity Forces (yes, the two factions in the box I’ll more than likely start playing) are more than welcome/fitting.  Nomads are by far my favourite in the looks department but I think ALEPH will be my “go to” for gameplay.

Infinity: Grenzer by Corvus Belli

The new Nomad unit, Grenzer Security, is worthy of a special mention (rules wise a bit meh but then again 3rd edition rules may change my opinion), excellent looking mini.

Hopefully I’ll get a change to have another full game sometime soon before 3rd breaks.