Mordheim Beginner Campaign latest turn details

Turn 1

Mission – The Merchant Square (found on page 218 of this rulebook

Deadline – The games must be played by 4th april 2015

Table size – 4 by 4

Terrain – In the exact middle of the board there should be a small peice of scenery, statue or guillotine peice of scenery etc, and have at least a 12” inch x 12” inch square open area. This will represent the Merchant’s Square. There will then be a square of buildings around the square, boardering it (with alley ways between them).  Buildings placed outside of the Merchant’s Square will represent the Merchant’s Homes and Shoppe’s.

Special Rules – Warbands will begin searching the buildings for common items. Each warband will roll 1D6 for each searchable building. If they roll a 4+ they found a common item. In the Merchant’s Square, will be D3 crates per warband. The crates will be placed in the middle of the Merchant’s Square. When a warband touches a crate they must roll a D6. Only one roll per crate. On a roll of a 1 on a D6, the Black Pegasus will appear. The Black Pegasus will appear 8” inches in on a Random Table edge. The Black Pegasus will go in the last turn and will attempt to fly down on the models in the Merchant’s Square. The Black Pegasus will target the closest model in the Merchant’s Square. Merchant’s Square is the 12” x 12” area in the middle of the table as the streets and alleys would be too narrow for the Pegasus to fly into.

Black Pegasus stats

M-3 WS-3 BS– S-4 T-4 W-5 I-3 A-5 Ld-8
Fear: A Black Pegasus with three heads will cause Fear in most people.
Flying: The Black Pegasus can fly or charge up to 12”inches with no terrain penalties. Just like the old saying “As the Crow flies.” The 12” inches is the furthest the Black Pegasus can flying, no charging or running to increase distance.
Walking: The Black Pegasus can only walk three inches on the ground and cannot charge or run.
Save: The Black Pegasus has a 5+ save that is not modified by strength of attacks against it.
Immune to Psychology: Same stuff that is printed in the rule book.
Skull of Iron: The Pegasus’s skull is much too thick for normal blows to penetrate. It is immune to the effects of being stunned. Treat any results from the Injury Table as knocked down results.

Starting the Game – Each player rolls a D6. The player with the highest has the first turn and order of play proceeds clockwise around the table (based on where the players placed their warbands).

Ending the game – When all the crates are off the table, all but one warband has routed, or the warbands ally (if able to via allignment).


+1 Survives. If a Hero or Henchmen group survives the battle they gain +1 Experience.
+1 Winning Leader. The leader of a winning warband gain +1 Experience.
+1 Per Enemy out of Action. Any Hero earn +1 Experience for each enemy he puts out of action.
+1 Per each crate taken off the board. Any Hero earns +1 Experience for taking a crate off the board.

+1 For wounding the Black Pegasus. Any Hero or Henchman earns +1 Experience for each wound he inflicts on the Black Pegasus.
+2 For taking the Black Pegasus out of action. The Hero or Henchman that puts the Black Pegasus out of action gets a bonus +2 experience.

Items – Common items are found in the houses surrounding the Market’s Square. They are kept no matter if you win or loose. Remember you need to roll a 4+ for each house to see if you were able to locate a common item. Only one opportunity per house. Please keep track of what homes you searched so you can take them off the list.

Item                           D6 Result Needed
D3 Morning Star                   1
D3 Spears                                2
D3 Bows                                   3
D3 Crossbow                          4
1 Suit of Heavy Armour    5
D3 Nets                                    6

Rare items can only come from the crates placed in the middle of the Merchant’s Square. Rare items may only be found if the crate is taken off the table. If no crates made if off the table then no Rare Items will be found. You will be much too nervous looking out for the other warbands and a Black Pegasus to open the crate in the middle of the Merchant’s Square. When the game ends, the winning warband(s) does not automatically get the crates. The roll for the rare items will happen after the battle is complete, when you are filling out your warband updates with colin (wolfie).

Item                            D6 Result Needed
D3 Repeater Crossbow           1
D3 Handgun                                2
D3 Healing Herbs                     3
1 Gromril Weapon                   4
1 Dose Bugman’s Ale               5
1 Eleven Cloak                           6


Additional Info

Please please keep a track of everything that happens during the battle with your warband as it happens. So the following things that are needed to be wrote down as a note are:

  • If one of your heroes puts another model out of action (and who it was)
  • If any of your warband are put out of action and by who (model not the player)
  • If any of your heroes take a crate off the table
  • Any Henchman or Hero that takes a wound off the Black Pegasus
  • The Hero or Henchman that puts the Black Pegasus out of action



So for the first mission this will be multiplayer, there will be one table of 5 players, another one also with 5 and finally a table with 4.  These have been randomly drawn.  So please guys inform everyone what dates you can attend and times in this thread –

Game 1 – Mike(Rayharryhausen), Nikki(nikki), Roger(Roger Campbell), Chris(Ruddworth), Bryan(reroll)

Game 2 – Andy(Elixier), Colin(wolfie), Chris(Galloway612), Mark(Iridivus), Chris(Malimar)

Game 3 – Steve(morglum), Barry(eratu13), Alan(Jonto81), Jonny(BGJ)


Games can be played between 6th March – 4th April



FAQ’s for the mission

– Can a model run with a crate?

No, not unless two models carry one crate together then they can run the distance of the slowest model.


– Can a model climb with the crate?

No, only unless the obstacle is under an inch high


– If a character is stunned etc does he still hold the crate?

No, it drops beside him and can be picked up by someone elseor until he gets back up to lift it once more.


– If the game ends but i hold a crate and havent got it off the table edge do i still get it?

No, only those crates off the table count, no matter if you win or lose


– If i lift a crate that has alreayd been opened do i need to do the Black Pegasus roll again?



– Can the Black Pegasus come more than once?



– Can i voluntarily rout after i get a crate off the table?

Only if your at the stage of rolling for rout tests as described in rule book


– Can i lift a crate with my allies and share the prize?

No to both


– What about underdog XP?

If this is applicable to you, colin will already be aware of it and will be ready to add it to your stuff when you sit down with him after the battle


– Do characters who have left the board count towards rout tests etc?

Any models from your warband that have left the board with a crate will not count as out of action when it comes to rout tests, they will count as still being on the board.



After the battle

Once your game is complete, you will need to sit down with colin (wolfie) to fill in all your details and updtae your rosters, nobody else can witness rolls etc and if you havent recorded something from the game then it will not happen (this is for bonuses only, as someone will have recorded you out of action by their guys and that will be recorded)