Bring & Buy Sale 2015

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Coming Saturday 13th June

LGC Bring & Buy 2015!


We are once more doing another Bring & Buy!  If you have never been before what it is, is a day of full on gaming, where at the same time we will give everyone an area for them to put out and show off all items (gaming and non-gaming related) that they are looking to sale/trade.  Then while they are gaming and having a fun, people can approach them and make them offer etc.

It is also for those who are looking to game but possibly add to their gaming items (get new armies etc).  For those who are planning to come down and sit all day beside items they are looking to sell, you are missing the point entirely, will be bored and we cannot guarantee you will sell anything!  Grab your items you no longer want game and look to trade!

On the day we can promise, board games, 40k, bolt action, fantasy.  However feel free to bring down other things with you like board games etc, whatever you love and get others to join in while we all have a laugh and trade!


As for a few questions i know that will be asked

– Is there cash machine nearby?

Shop next door has one


– Can i sell non gaming items?

Feel free but we cannot guarantee you will sell them


-Have people bought/sold much at these before?

Last year on top of all the trades that happened i believe it was 4 full 40k armies were sold/bought


Do you know what will be sold by people?

Well we will put a post on our forums here… for people to say what kind of things they are looking for on the day or else what roughly they may bring down to sell.


Are LGC selling anything?

Yes, we shall possibly be selling a few board games and scenery (dropzone commander mainly)


Satisfied?  why not use the forum to discuss what your bringing and go to our game arranging and arrange a game for the day too! go here for that