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‘Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship LGC. It’s continuing mission (along with TTN) to beat the klingons at least once and not have to wear the spacesuits that consist of Mittens and Cardboard boxes – because we forgot to power life support. YES LGC is running Star Trek Mega Game. You get to act like complete fools whilst playing a serious 10 foot by 10 foot space battle strategy game. See the link here for past calamities…….


LGC is hosting the Star Trek Mega Game, as seen at TTN (Beacon).  TTN is kindly lending it to us for us to use as of growing interest. We will run 2 games of it during 20th Feb.  Due to the limit on numbers and time we will have to have do a sign up for it.  You will find a link to the sign up on our forums here –


What is Star Trek Mega Game?

It is a space game were two ships (manned by 2-3 players each) move around a large grid to combat another two ships (also manned).  It involves predicting where you believe the enemy ships will be and moving power control to the areas that you need to combat them (shields, weapons, air supply and thrusters etc.)  And then hope you selected the right side to active each of these.  Deploying of the power is all timed.


How do you win?

Defeat the opposite two ships


What is the crew?

1 captain, to decide what the plan is for each round.  1 helms officer, to put power into air supply, control movement of the ship, speed and other ship functions such as transporters, communication and scanning etc..  1 weapons officer who controls, which weapons are activated and which side of shields to power and also to declare his targets.  Each ship completes these orders within a time limit (while dealing with any ship emergencies or damage) and once the time is up those running the game will activate the ships and play out the round.


How long does a game take?

There is no set game length, however it can take a few hours to play out a full space battle. We will host 2 sessions during the day


Can i play in both sessions?

Yes, however we would ask if someone is wishing to play and you have already you kindly let them have a go.  However we do not mind people playing in both sessions.


Is this game fun?

YES!  incredibly. Listen to colin, roger, Dave Speer and Andersen. Those that have played it, we love it.  Its mayhem with all the fun of being noisy and shouting at your opponents and blaming all for your mistakes, even your own team.


What are the Sessions?

10am (8-12 people)

2pm (8-12 people)


Below are some reserved pictures of the game in action at Beacon

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