24hr Gaming Day for Charity

24hr Gaming Day at LGC for charity!

Date – 22nd July 2017

Link to facebook event for this – https://www.facebook.com/events/1677888339185004

What is it?

First time and only time ever so far LGC will open into the evening nevermind 24hrs! And all this will be for charity! We will begin at 9am 22nd July and finish at 9am on 23rd July! All money raised will go to Northen Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke! We did a charity day last year and raised over £400 for them and hoping to do more good work by having fun!


Who can come?

Everyone!  We just need people to either sign up to games/events happening or else volunteer to run other games


Where can i find these games and events?

The facebook event page listed at beginning.


What will be on during the day?

We have many many people looking to run board games, plus a few special ones, normal wargames etc are always on the go, however we need to know your planning on coming! Let us know via facebook groups or forums.


How will money be raised?

All entrance fee (£3.50) will be donated, we will offer up across the club rerolls for all games are buyable for £1 a reroll, so if you do not get the roll you need for whatever, pay £1 and you will be allowed to reroll whatever it is to have another go! (yes you can also force others to reroll if you dont like what they rolled!).


What else is needed?

People! people to attend! we will make space for you, and there will be many people looking games! Also we mainly have space for anyone willing to play from 7pm – 9am we would love more people willing to run or get involved in one off games or whatever something special etc, and join us for as long as possible and help us raise money for charity.

We also need prizes, We are planning on having a raffle, however currently we are lacking in prizes. Have you anything still in box or new at all that you are willing to donate for a raffle?