Bring & Buy 2018!

LGC bring & buy
If you don’t know already this Saturday is our bring and buy day! 9am-6pm

What it is, is a day where along side the normal games being played we allow space for people to bring items to put put for to sell/trade with others. The plan is that while you chat with others or game people will ask who owns whatever item for sale and then offer to buy or trade from you. These are usually very successful at LGC every year armies get traded and many go away happy with either their money or else their new stuff. I’ve done a few of the main questions we get asked with answers below!

Can I come down just to buy?

Is there cash machine nearby?
The one in shop beside is broken, bring cash

Where exactly is LGC?

Can I get food nearby?
shop attached to us does sandwiches, pot noodles and sausage rolls and things like that. Also we have a tick shop for drinks crisps and chocolate.

Can I come down just to sell?
Yes, although we would love more people getting involved and joining in games but if you really just wish to sell that’s OK.

Can I reserve a spot to sell stuff?
No. We can only provide so much space and it’s first come and first get. We do ask that when you arrive you have some way of marking out your items (stickers or stuff wrote on a box etc) and also that you try to use as little space as you can.

I’m down all day is there things I can join in?
yes there always is. Always people playing board games or else looking pick up games

Who do I speak to on the day about setting up?
someone wearing a committee shirt.