LGC “24 hour” charity event

17th August 2019 9am-6am

LGC’s annual event for gaming goodness for a worthy cause returns!

Main info
Main bits and peices and generally a FAQ.
-Throughout the day we allow rerolls on a dice roll you dont like, yours or your opponents. It costs £1 to charity and you cant reroll a reroll!
-Raffle, we are going to hold a raffle for charity however we require donations for said raffle
-Alcohol is permitted, but no glass bottles.
-No discounted or free entries to anyone who plays, £3 to charity for everyone!
-We will be running a BBQ there will be details below, feel free to order pizza etc if you wish.
– Link to facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/412092472846542/
-Link to game arranging – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1150474441639869/

There will be many pick up games and are many arranged. Board games will be popping up throughout the day/night. but there are a few things planned and free for people to join in.. detials for each are below….

Folks, as a special treat, LGC will be having an Irish BBQ (the weather is to be bad), so no need to go out for lunch!
Goodies on offer will be burgers, hot dogs, and chilli! That’s right – there will be chilli and garlic bread for the spice-lovers among you. Why not have a chilli dog?
Prices will be £3, and all profits go to charity, so bring a bib and fill your boots! Yeehaa!

The ultimate Knight versus Knight game is back for the charity day! A king of the hill style game with Imperial Knights, players will face off against each other in a battle to the last knight standing, grabbing weapon and supply crates to mess with their opponents! The Orbital Strike Relay is operational, and as always, spectators can have a go at firing it to make things more interesting for the combatants!
2 sessions so far – 10am and 2pm, each session can hold 5 players. Knights are already supplied, so all you need is your £1 entry fee, some dice and a measuring tape!
May the odd be forever in your favour!
Rules pack https://www.dropbox.com/s/qed5whf1jrqgsnu/Fort-Knight%20rulepack%20v2.pdf?dl=0&fbclid=IwAR3m13BLWd-4VqtN-BWxh4VEk0IpXj4Mnnq71oSAGnBdp8jSovrZ7Z7qhag

Calling all x wing fanatics! Below are the rules for the x-wing furball I will be running at the 24 hour event. I will be supplying or sourcing all ships and cards and I’ll have templates and dice so all your need to bring is yourself. Newcomers are very welcome as this is a very casual format and could even be a good event for people to pick up some of the basics.

I will be using all rules in the document except for the timed game variant. The only number I can’t support is 7 but I will play or not to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Entry will be £1 per life

Pilots involved :

Poe Dameron
Like Skywalker
Darth Vader
Fenn Rau
Obi-Wan Kenobi
General Grievous

Full loadouts will be revealed on the day.

I am to be running this approximately from 3-5pm though this will depend on the completion time of the blood bowl 7s event.

LGC DnD 2 Group Epic!
For 12 players
Level 3 characters
We are aiming to have 2 tables run the same event at the same time and have things effect both tables as they happen.
-this will run from roughly 5pm until late. That gives people time to arrive late or even get in to play the other fun games and events planned.
-characters will need created in advance and you will need to have a sheet with the legal character with you.
-character level = 3
-other creation rules are phb+1
What does phb+1 mean?… Well simply when it comes to class or race you can choose phb or else one of the official books to use (as long as ok’d in advance). The limit is however… You an only choose a maximum of 1 outside of the phb for them both… So for example I choose a firbolg as my race then that’s outside of phb so my class will have to be limited to the phb. Or the other way is if I pick a class from one of the other official books then my race must be from phb.
What’s phb? – Google exists

Kill Team Tyranid Survival challenge from midday. Players will pit their wits against increasingly persistent waves of tyranids, with points multipliers dependent on survival and kills. £2 a pop. Winner gets a prize donated by me. Please reply to this to show interest in joining in or to volunteer a turn as the nids.

2-hr painting challenge running from 5pm. You will need 1 built and primed model, paint, brushes and any other painting accessories you may need. £1 entry. Judging will be anonymously by all entrants. Prize for the winner. Please reply to this with interest so I know how many chairs to put out.

Dont forget folks, there are many bringing board games down and looking pick up games, do check out the event link or the game arranging link. Games to be played, you will definately get a game!