9th Birthday & AGM

Hi all, as of writing this we have just passed LGC’s 9th Birthday! Thank you to all have attended LGC over the years wether it has been continous or one off appearances thank you. You have helped us keep the club open for those that really enjoy it or value it (hopefully!). We celebrated the weekend 13th April 2019 with free entry for all and also we had got a personalised cake made (pictured above) and some tophats for as many to eat as we could manage! Hopefully we make it to a 10th Birthday! and when we do we will make it a big celebration! get some celebs in or something? lol!

Anyway moving on from the birthday, we have the AGM coming up this coming weekend 20th April 2019. For those who have never been in attendance for a previous AGM, you may wonder what the fuss is about or for those previous we have a few plans for this year. Anyway lets start, what is the AGM, well its the clubs annual general meeting. This is where we address the previous year of the club, mention good times and what worked and failed. Give updates to the members on some sort of behind the scenes stuff, club finances etc, then we look to plans, what we plan for the future year coming. We use this also as an opportunity for members to ask questions and suggest things they they would like to see or happen at LGC. Why do we do the AGM? Well its part of the clubs constitution, the rules the club follows and the committee have to stick to for certain situations, this is also the only time we can ask the members if it is ok for us to make certain changes to our constitution to make sure that rules etc are all ok with our members.

This year with us looking forward to a 10th birthday, I myself (colin) plan to have a very frank and very honest AGM. What will happen is during the afternoon, I will do a quick shoutout to all, simply to say I am going to begin. I will ask everyone to keep quiet and for those who wish to continue playing to do so. I will run through my notes, going through the things mentioned, what has been happening what we are planning happening, the good things, the bad, finances etc and then I will ask for questions, suggestions and feedback from members. This year I would love for as much feedback questions and suggestions from our members as possible, I want a complete interaction, a plan from the memebrs or questions to whatever in order to help improve the club, make it even bigger and better and for those who enjoy the club, make it something themselves and others would love more and more!

If you are able to attend this weekend, I would be entirely grateful if you did, coming along and listen and put what input you can in, then together we can make LGC something more we can all be happy and proud of! We plan for the AGM to begin between 1.30pm-2pm. See you there all!