A honest and open letter to all LGC members

At the start of Jan i placed a threads on the forums, one asking for volunteers keen on helping us out when need and one for anyone interested in being a committee member to get in touch.  We did get a few people offering to volunteer to help out when needed and thats great and i think them, i do also know that there are many who attend the club that if they were there would help set up and pack up and they do.

But guys the main problem is the committee members. In this coming April we have the possibility of losing 2 of our current committee members (due to life being an issue).  We already know one is a definite. The reason i say this is a big problem is that we do need to replace them.  3 committee members cannot continue to run this club on their own, its too much to ask of anyone and i will not let it happen.  The reason i say this is that there are a number of jobs and things that need kept on top of and looked after and thats gonna be tough on 3 people but most importantly is the setting up and packing up of the club.  Every other saturday i have to work and i cannot ask the other 2 on the committee to open up everyweek, just the two of them plus stay to help me pack it up.  With the 5 members we had began a rota to make sure people got a little time off now and again from doing it, but as ive said it is too much to ask for 2 everyweek to open up on their own.  This is my main concern nevermind the extra jobs that are needing done.

The consequences of this is that if nobody steps forth to join the committee then LGC will have to stop opening every week and change to open fortnightly.  The knock on to this is that then we will have perminately lost our spot of being able to have the hall every sat and i fear that we will never be able to get it back after we lose it as there have been many many groups trying to get it since we have had it but the centre sticks with us and have told us we can keep that slot, so im very worried about losing it.  I do also fear that once this happens, it will be the beginning of the downfall for LGC i do not see things getting any better if we failed to continue opening weekly.

So what i am doing is once again appealing for any club member who think they would like to, to please contact me about joining the committee.  I am currently happy for any of our members to step up to help out, all i hope for is to find someone that could even give us some of their saturdays each month to open up and pack up as that is our most cruicial bit.  I also ask that they are able to attend a committee meeting once a month (which is always agreed upon in advance) and mainly that they fulfil any task or job that they have said that they would do.  I do not mind how much knowledge of games or anything like that, its not that important.  The desire for this club has always been to be a meeting place and a club for all the gamers could come to socialize, get their games in, make new friends, find others who like and play similar game systems as them and a place for them to share and enjoy their hobby.  I fear if LGC were to close alot would struggle to continue their gaming as other clubs would be out of reach for them and for some they do not wish to go to other clubs for whatever reason and it is them i think of when i try to keep the club going every week.  I do not do any of this for personal gain nor do any of the committee, we take the time out of our days and weeks to run the club and set up leagues etc so that all that attend have firstly somewhere to attend and to keep it interesting and just help them get enjoyment for the games and meet new people, as to be honest the hobbies we all play are still seen to be reclusive ones for loners etc, they may not be true but it is in some respect as without clubs where could people get their games in and meet others? Not everyone can have a gaming table in their house or know everyone in a close enough area for them to all come round.  We provide that, we are the place in lisburn for the gamers to come and we will provide all we can as in scenery, tables, games etc and give everyone the chance to enjoy the hobby.  I myself have helped teach many how to play certain games and give you the right advice and just to help you and again where would that all come from without the club?  So once again i am appealing for anyone of our members who thinks they could spare the time and have the passion for the club and just want to help keep LGC running to contact me.

If you look at any long running club, they have annual changes to their committees as people look to step up and do things for their club to keep it going and help it continue and grow.  Now we havent had the best of luck in that regard, i do fear that people just rely on the committee to do everything for them and provide it all, but it is very unfair to ask that of anyone.  So we do need people to step up and take over, give new ideas and just help us keep this club open.  I myself was one of the creators and i am still on the committee and i am the chair person.  Firstly i do not always see myself being on this committee and i fear if i step down at any stage that the club will cease to continue, and i do not want that happening, whenever i do step down id like to see the club continuing on and for me to enjoy attending it regularly as a member.  As i have already said this will not happen without people who believe they can or are interesting, stepping up and doing their bit and their turn helping run things.  I also do not believe it is fair at all that i remain always as the chairperson, i feel that would make it seem like a dictatorship rather than what it is, the club deserves at somepoint someone else running it they way they see fit and for new ideas etc to happen to help things continue.  This club does not belong to me, it belongs to every single member that attends it, this is your club, those on the committee are here for you, they should be the people you elect to run the club and those you want running YOUR club for you to keep it going.

The last point i wish to talk about is the jobs, now im sure at some point youve heard that the club work takes up too much of peoples time etc, i will be honest completely with you all, the main job load was to set up this club in the first place.  Currently i am talking with the current committee while they are all there to fix things and to streamline everything there is job wise and knock it down anyway we can to a minimum.  Ideally i would require each committee member to do 1 job each week out of the club something small (like count our money or upload pics of the club or something) then have maybe one or two things they have to do over a months period, again small.  Now if you have been at the club for long enough you will know that i myself do alot of the jobs myself. If you have been there from the start you will know that was never more true in the first year or 2 years, running the club and doing all the jobs took over my life outside of working as i was doing 99% of all the jobs there as jobs that were promised to be done never happened and just very few actually pulled their weight.  Because of that there are still jobs needing done that needed done long ago.  For example the space marine army we have had for quite some time only got painted over our xmas break, this is due to me getting everyone to work our butts off so that the remaining outstanding jobs are all complete and we can then focus on the jobs that just keep the club going and that must be done, not jobs that someone else should have done long ago.  I really cant stress i do plan on making the jobs minimal and i am working on making the whole committee role alot easier.

Thanks for reading this guys, again please anyone interested or think they could help us out get in contact.   Please help us make sure that this club continues on for longer and help us avoid things beginning to go down hill.  Its not that we are doing badly as we are definately more successful than ever but without people organising and helping control and run things things will begin to go downhill.