LGC “24 hour” charity event

17th August 2019 9am-6am

LGC’s annual event for gaming goodness for a worthy cause returns!

Main info
Main bits and peices and generally a FAQ.
-Throughout the day we allow rerolls on a dice roll you dont like, yours or your opponents. It costs £1 to charity and you cant reroll a reroll!
-Raffle, we are going to hold a raffle for charity however we require donations for said raffle
-Alcohol is permitted, but no glass bottles.
-No discounted or free entries to anyone who plays, £3 to charity for everyone!
-We will be running a BBQ there will be details below, feel free to order pizza etc if you wish.
– Link to facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/412092472846542/
-Link to game arranging – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1150474441639869/

There will be many pick up games and are many arranged. Board games will be popping up throughout the day/night. but there are a few things planned and free for people to join in.. detials for each are below….

Folks, as a special treat, LGC will be having an Irish BBQ (the weather is to be bad), so no need to go out for lunch!
Goodies on offer will be burgers, hot dogs, and chilli! That’s right – there will be chilli and garlic bread for the spice-lovers among you. Why not have a chilli dog?
Prices will be £3, and all profits go to charity, so bring a bib and fill your boots! Yeehaa!

The ultimate Knight versus Knight game is back for the charity day! A king of the hill style game with Imperial Knights, players will face off against each other in a battle to the last knight standing, grabbing weapon and supply crates to mess with their opponents! The Orbital Strike Relay is operational, and as always, spectators can have a go at firing it to make things more interesting for the combatants!
2 sessions so far – 10am and 2pm, each session can hold 5 players. Knights are already supplied, so all you need is your £1 entry fee, some dice and a measuring tape!
May the odd be forever in your favour!
Rules pack https://www.dropbox.com/s/qed5whf1jrqgsnu/Fort-Knight%20rulepack%20v2.pdf?dl=0&fbclid=IwAR3m13BLWd-4VqtN-BWxh4VEk0IpXj4Mnnq71oSAGnBdp8jSovrZ7Z7qhag

Calling all x wing fanatics! Below are the rules for the x-wing furball I will be running at the 24 hour event. I will be supplying or sourcing all ships and cards and I’ll have templates and dice so all your need to bring is yourself. Newcomers are very welcome as this is a very casual format and could even be a good event for people to pick up some of the basics.

I will be using all rules in the document except for the timed game variant. The only number I can’t support is 7 but I will play or not to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Entry will be £1 per life

Pilots involved :

Poe Dameron
Like Skywalker
Darth Vader
Fenn Rau
Obi-Wan Kenobi
General Grievous

Full loadouts will be revealed on the day.

I am to be running this approximately from 3-5pm though this will depend on the completion time of the blood bowl 7s event.

LGC DnD 2 Group Epic!
For 12 players
Level 3 characters
We are aiming to have 2 tables run the same event at the same time and have things effect both tables as they happen.
-this will run from roughly 5pm until late. That gives people time to arrive late or even get in to play the other fun games and events planned.
-characters will need created in advance and you will need to have a sheet with the legal character with you.
-character level = 3
-other creation rules are phb+1
What does phb+1 mean?… Well simply when it comes to class or race you can choose phb or else one of the official books to use (as long as ok’d in advance). The limit is however… You an only choose a maximum of 1 outside of the phb for them both… So for example I choose a firbolg as my race then that’s outside of phb so my class will have to be limited to the phb. Or the other way is if I pick a class from one of the other official books then my race must be from phb.
What’s phb? – Google exists

Kill Team Tyranid Survival challenge from midday. Players will pit their wits against increasingly persistent waves of tyranids, with points multipliers dependent on survival and kills. £2 a pop. Winner gets a prize donated by me. Please reply to this to show interest in joining in or to volunteer a turn as the nids.

2-hr painting challenge running from 5pm. You will need 1 built and primed model, paint, brushes and any other painting accessories you may need. £1 entry. Judging will be anonymously by all entrants. Prize for the winner. Please reply to this with interest so I know how many chairs to put out.

Dont forget folks, there are many bringing board games down and looking pick up games, do check out the event link or the game arranging link. Games to be played, you will definately get a game!

Bring & Buy 2018!

LGC bring & buy
If you don’t know already this Saturday is our bring and buy day! 9am-6pm

What it is, is a day where along side the normal games being played we allow space for people to bring items to put put for to sell/trade with others. The plan is that while you chat with others or game people will ask who owns whatever item for sale and then offer to buy or trade from you. These are usually very successful at LGC every year armies get traded and many go away happy with either their money or else their new stuff. I’ve done a few of the main questions we get asked with answers below!

Can I come down just to buy?

Is there cash machine nearby?
The one in shop beside is broken, bring cash

Where exactly is LGC?

Can I get food nearby?
shop attached to us does sandwiches, pot noodles and sausage rolls and things like that. Also we have a tick shop for drinks crisps and chocolate.

Can I come down just to sell?
Yes, although we would love more people getting involved and joining in games but if you really just wish to sell that’s OK.

Can I reserve a spot to sell stuff?
No. We can only provide so much space and it’s first come and first get. We do ask that when you arrive you have some way of marking out your items (stickers or stuff wrote on a box etc) and also that you try to use as little space as you can.

I’m down all day is there things I can join in?
yes there always is. Always people playing board games or else looking pick up games

Who do I speak to on the day about setting up?
someone wearing a committee shirt.

Friday night gaming returns! 16th feb

This coming friday our friday nights return!

The much asked for friday evenings begin this coming friday as a trial run. The question ive been asked most is already when is the next one. The answer to be honest is, that we are going to run them on a friday by friday basis. So due to what happened before with fridays happens where nobody shows up then there will not be another. So as long as they stay popular we will aim to have them once again one friday per month.

Which friday each month you ask? Well it will be whatever date we can get the hall that hasnt already been booked. As for price, we used to have them all for free however, it will have to be regular attendance fee’s at the moment sorry!

What games will be on???????

Well all the RPG people are coming out of the woodwork and also there seems to be plans for some smaller skirmish games and also people looking to play board games. It would be best if you got in touch with them ASAP as some are only planning on attending if they have someone to play with/against.

Where do i contact or post up game arranging??

Usual spots-

Game arranging group on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1150474441639869

The event created on facebook as a one off for this day – https://www.facebook.com/events/1701678576559794/

Or you can post on our forums, however they are getting less and less attention as facebook becomes more and more popular for our users.

28th September 2017 LGC latest and BIG update!

Hola everyone! We haven’t had any news or updates or anything in awhile so im firing one out now for all to be brought up to date and to be kept in the loop.



Right, so we brought this up at 2016’s AGM and we were talked down. But LGC is reducing the admission fee into the club to £3.00 per person playing. Now we know many had fears that if we did this we may get into money issues but don’t panic we will be fine! This starts from 1st October 2017 and we will run it until the end of the year to see how it goes, if we do not see any issues we will then decide to make this the new price.  As for Honorary members, at the moment we are keeping the £2.50 price.



As some already know Roger is stepping away from committee, he will still be regularly attending and will continue to run leagues but is taking a step back. We URGENTLY need someone to replace him! Anyone interested, main things are, you plan on being at LGC 2-3 weeks each month and your available to be at the club from 8-8.30am. Please please get in touch with Colin if you can about this, without someone stepping in this could lead to the odd week where we may not be able to open due to lack of committee or may really require a lot of help. For full details about whats expected of committee peeps check here http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/responsibilities-of-a-committee-member/



This has been happening for sometime now, but we are once again doing another order for LGC t-shirts and polo shirts etc, speak to Colin if interested, but once we have the money in we will be placing order and then it will be too late! So act fast!



Based on popularity of last season, plus the tournament we are going straight into a new season.  I haven’t a webpage done yet on website but I will link you to our BB facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/571981879666757 all the info is there but if you don’t have facebook here is rulespack http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/LGC-Bloodbowl-League-Format-3.pdf . Preseason has begun! So signups will end soon! Let us know if your in or not! This season will require all players to make a team on a selected online roster site, update it and submit your results directly after each game.



Still going strong, facebook link to the group for latest fixtures (and there are new ones)  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1021357651330279/ or else visit the forum part for it here http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=178



New fixture list is up! http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=111 or https://www.facebook.com/groups/648753158656943/ lets get through this guys, Roger plans for a new league or campaign that will be Konflikt!



As everyone should know, 40k is back as big as ever, well Lee is planning on putting together possibly a campaign or something, he is in the process of trying to figure it out. All I can say is keep your eyes peeled and also, it will very much be non competitive, aimed at more fun less cheese.



If you are paying attention to the facebook chat https://www.facebook.com/groups/250328665427963/ or game arranging https://www.facebook.com/groups/1150474441639869/ there has been many talks of new board game campaigns by several people, also RPG campaigns. Only way you can take part is keep up and reply to them and ask to join! So pay attention to the groups guys.



We are running a tournament this weekend as well as club day, so usual plea around posting in our game arranging to actually let us know of your planned attendance or your pre arranged game outside of our seeing as we need to plan to have the correct amount of tables etc and without notice you may have to wait, or on a very small chance not get to play, due to us not being informed on tables needed. As per normal we will try our hardest to get you playing, but if it does come down to it, those that posted on our game arranging will be given preference.





24hr Gaming Day for Charity

24hr Gaming Day at LGC for charity!

Date – 22nd July 2017

Link to facebook event for this – https://www.facebook.com/events/1677888339185004

What is it?

First time and only time ever so far LGC will open into the evening nevermind 24hrs! And all this will be for charity! We will begin at 9am 22nd July and finish at 9am on 23rd July! All money raised will go to Northen Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke! We did a charity day last year and raised over £400 for them and hoping to do more good work by having fun!


Who can come?

Everyone!  We just need people to either sign up to games/events happening or else volunteer to run other games


Where can i find these games and events?

The facebook event page listed at beginning.


What will be on during the day?

We have many many people looking to run board games, plus a few special ones, normal wargames etc are always on the go, however we need to know your planning on coming! Let us know via facebook groups or forums.


How will money be raised?

All entrance fee (£3.50) will be donated, we will offer up across the club rerolls for all games are buyable for £1 a reroll, so if you do not get the roll you need for whatever, pay £1 and you will be allowed to reroll whatever it is to have another go! (yes you can also force others to reroll if you dont like what they rolled!).


What else is needed?

People! people to attend! we will make space for you, and there will be many people looking games! Also we mainly have space for anyone willing to play from 7pm – 9am we would love more people willing to run or get involved in one off games or whatever something special etc, and join us for as long as possible and help us raise money for charity.

We also need prizes, We are planning on having a raffle, however currently we are lacking in prizes. Have you anything still in box or new at all that you are willing to donate for a raffle?


Bill’s Adventures volume 1

There’s this wee game I played recently during my adventures – it involved several other players around a board that was scratch-built to look like a Coliseum track that you’d find in the likes of Ben-Hur (the classic, not the remake, although the imagery would be similar). The GM then gave us each 2 models – one chariot, totally immaculate, and another chariot, that was overturned and wrecked. The minis were 6mm in scale but they were beautifully painted. We were each given a stat card for our chariots, as well as a simple quick reference rule sheet.

What happened next was one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had. It was essentially a chariot race game, with the winner (inevitably being this fortunate writer) being the first to complete 2 laps of the circuit.

Winning wasn’t easy – each player in their move could change direction and ram other chariots, just like they did in ancient Rome, and if others were fortunate enough to have passengers with bows and arrows, could also fire at other players who were in the lead, or in my case, have a go at shooting me because I was me.

The system was fairly intuitive and easy to pick up, very similar to Songs of Blades and Heroes, in that you choose to roll either one, two or three d6s to see how many actions you get, a successful roll being a four up. You then took your actions depending on successful rolls, however 3 failures was catastrophic – your chariot was wrecked and there was a chance that a mob of people would run onto the track and attack.  The ease of the dice meant that play was very quick for such a large amount of players – 6 I think at the time.

I’ve deliberately left the name of the game out as it’s quite clever – it’s called Faustus and Furius by a local company called Ganesha Games – I’m sure you can see the parallels with a long-running film franchise yourself as well as Roman references – you don’t need me to fill in the blanks. You’re an adult after all. Aren’t you?

Anyways, the reason I’m talking about this game is that it got me thinking. The rules are fairly straightforward and easy to learn, and the game is great fun, but not everyone has 6mm chariot minis around. Some of the diehard Kickstarters among you may have Devil’s Run sitting about, giving you an ideal opportunity to play another game with your wee car minis. Some of you have X-Wing miniatures Game models, which would lend themselves quite nicely to this system. Hell, some of you have superhero minis just sitting there – why not dust them off and have a wee race among your friends?

As gamers, we’ve all amassed collections of miniatures that fail to see the light of day again once the thrill of that game has gone and we inevitably box them up for newer toys. I’m as guilty as others for buying into so many systems as well as selling stuff, that sometimes all it takes is a fresh system to reinvigorate our enthusiasm to play with those old toys again. I always imagine my wee men having that chat during the lonely nights just like the toys in Toy Story as Andy grows up, thinking that I don’t appreciate them anymore. That’s not true, I whisper to them all as they lie in their foam containers during their long slumbers. All any of us needs is a good excuse to grab the gaming case and get the lads out again (or lasses – really no need for gender bias when it comes to minis), and this game is certainly one of those games to consider.

I’ll be bringing this wee gem down to LGC soon for the punters to give it a go so I strongly urge you all to have a think about the minis that you’ve neglected and try to find new ways of giving them a new lease of life. They’ll thank you for it.




2017 AGM

2017 AGM details

So firstly I would like to thank all those that attended the AGM on saturday, well in reality, stopped playing their games and listened to me talk for a few minutes. Special thank you to those who asked questions and showed interest. We do the AGM every year in April rime as per rules of our constitution. I will cover things mentioned in short points. Questions will be highlighted and then answered but here we go.

April 2106 to April 2017 for LGC was a success, very successful Bolt Action league and tournament. Also to note we started a Saga league and a Bloodbowl league (us branching out into other game systems) and so far they have been successful. Also the club has got alot busier which is good and shows good promise as more new members join us. We also have began to host a number of other tournaments and events for others which is bringing more interest to LGC and in other games systems for our members so win win.  Financially LGC is sitting very nicely.

Down side of the last year are as follows, Friday nights failing to have enough interest and unfortunately for several members we had to take the decision to stop them even after a few advertised trial fridays that were used to judge if we would continue on or not, unfortunately through to even less interest than normal we stopped them. We had many successful leagues etc however the X-Wing league fell apart badly due to many simply not bothering to play their games, which is a real pity.

This AGM sees changes to the committee. Andy is no longer Vice chairperson, with Roger moving into that role. Bryan then has moved into Roger’s secretary role. Then Alan has announced he will be stepping down and leaving committee (becoming honorary member for completing a term).  At this moment we would like to thank him for stepping in and helping during a busy time in his life with having a baby. We would like to make note of two big factors he did in his time, suggesting, planning and running a very successful charity day for action cancer and kicking off the infinity league. Details on the committee are here (as many asked who were on the committee due to them not knowing) http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/committee-members/

With Alan leaving we are asking for new member(s) to volunteer for the vacant committee position. As we need a full committee to run LGC without forcing people to have to attend everyweek and prevent it becoming a place they see as more of a burden than a place to enjoy their hobby. For anyone interested in becoming a committee member we would like you to contact Colin ASAP so we can get things sorted. What we need is mainly someone who can help open up in morning from 8.30am. There is more info on the following webpage http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/responsibilities-of-a-committee-member/

Honorary members list will not change this year, we are keeping the same people currently on the honrary member list. For details about our honorary member system check this page out http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/honorary-members-faq/ We will be updating the page on the website to list committee members but currently the list is .. ex-committee – Alan, Adam, Steve, Nathan, Bob, Nikki and then the following members – Roger Ball, Gerard, Jonny Elkin, Bill.

Also with our list of committee changing etc, we are again looking at updating our volunteer list. What this is, is if we struggle with number of committee members to open up or close up (mainly open) if we could have contact details of willing people to ask if they are able to come down and help us set up or pack up. So if you are interested please get in touch with us by contacting Colin or posting a reply here http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?tid=6835

So going forth into our new yeat we start with next week. LGC is 7 on 10th April so on 8th April (this coming sat) so to celebrate and to thank all members we are going to have a free day. No charge for playing, however a tuck shop charge will remain.

Future plans for this year are as follows…Bring and buy day, will get a date for end of april or a week in May as all agreed to. Plans for tournaments this year are Bolt Action as per usual and also probably a Saga one or two. Maybe even bloodbowl also. Other campaigns and leagues being Konflikt, Antares, mordheim, necormunda etc we are interested in having these ran, however if anyone is interested in running them or any other campaigns/leagues/events and want LGC to give prizes to winner etc then get in touch and we can make this happen. Already had a volunteer for Konflikt!

Will we do a usual free day in June with fun activities? Any suggestions?

Club plans to buy new mdf scenery, for less breakages and to cover more game systems. Also looking into buying better game sheets for the tables, bring everythign up to better quality.  Also the club will be possibly looking to selling all old GW 40k scenery to its members.

Lastly club website, asked about website any suggestions to improve it and also any offers for others to do blog etc. Again get in touch if you are keen.

Any further info or feedback please dont hesitate get in touch.

LGC Newsletter 18-11-16

LGC Newsletter 18-11-16

Hola Everyone!

Xmas Closure

LGC’s final gaming day is 3rd Dec 2016.  That will be us closed for xmas and we will reopen 7th Jan 2017!


3rd Dec

On this day LGC will host two different tournaments at once. We will still open for all of our members however, we will be really limited for table space. We will be forced to give priority to those who have let us know they are coming down via the game arranging on the forums or on the facebook page. Those who do not may have to wait on a table becoming free as we would be unaware of you coming down and not have planned for you. On this day i believe there should be a lot of focus on board games from several people.


X-Wing league

Those in the league get your games in asap. Speak to Bryan if you have any issues.


Necromunda league

I know we keep saying it, hower we have discussed this. Once our terrian is repaired we have big plans to move on with this. Those interested will be given a time limit to get their interest declared


Bloodbowl League

Next year we run one with the new one coming out?


Bolt Action/Konflikt 47 events

New year should see a new campaign for BA and possibly something for Konflikt too!


Website Updates

During the closure of LGC, the website and forums and facebook page will all be getting big updates. Any suggestions etc let me know and we shall see what can be done.

Bolt Action 2015/16 Campaign Turn 9

Turn 9

Current map


Current Phase – To battle!

What to do?

If you have a game, listed below to play. then contact your opponent via the forums (forum username in brackets) and arrange a time to play them.  If you have issues contacting your opponent talk to colin.


Also you must email your 1250 point army lists into roger before you battle (roger@lisburn-gaming.co.uk)


Round 9 Orders

– SS-Jagdverbände (Reichmarschall Regan)  attacks

– Das Booters (jonto81) attacks

– Alvin’s Army (Eiglepulper) attacks

– The Red War machine (Nc89) attacks

– Brotherhood of Rog (roger campbell) attacks

– Albys Rejects (alby1976) attacks

– SMERSH (darkarcher) attacks

– Finnish Attack Kitty (azura25) attacks

– Red Army (Graham) attacks

– United states of No (wolfie) attacks

– Illinois Eagles (reroll) attacks

– Posty’s special delivery force (postyjohn) attacks

– Big Red one (Lordho)

– Offensive Radical Knutt Society (BGJ)

– Helden des Vaterlandes (desperate dazz) attacks

– Also Appearing in this Campaign (just4kix) attacks

– B00tleg’s Bastids (tenaciousb) attacks

– Beatties Bears (elixier) attacks

The Polish Armed Mafia (stabby) attacks

– USMC (paulthemad) attacks
Confirmed battles to be played

Mission is kitty hawk down – http://www.boltaction.net/2015/03/alternate-bolt-action-missions-2.html




Latest Round 9 News

Mission is kitty hawk down – http://www.boltaction.net/2015/03/alternate-bolt-action-missions-2.html


Round 9 final movements/battle outcomes