Beginner Sessions

Do you wish to begin learning how to play a tabletop game we play at LGC? Or are you keen for your child to learn how to play a game? Then why not get in touch with us?

At LGC we have a vareity of members, who run from beginners to people who compete in world championships and even those that have been playing for decades, for varied games. Although everyone may not wish to advance to highest level, majority would still like to know the rules well enough to enjoy the games.

With the beginner sessions, we will introduce you to the game and get you a grasp of the basics, in a fun way, either by having a one on one game or else even jumping into a team game and your partner teaching you while you work together.

We also do understand, that this hobby although is incredibly fun, it is however expensive. So we are happy enough to talk you through what you might want or need to begin an army/team for yourself (we do have warhammer 40,000 and dreadball models than can be borrowed). We are not making any profits from any games companies so we are here to give you good honest advice on what are good choices and help you discover what you might want yourself.

At LGC we can arrange a beginner session for you currently for the following games:

– Warhammer 40,000 (army available to borrow)

– Warhammer Fantasy

– Dreadball (team available to borrow)

If you are interested in arranging a beginner sessions for yourself, or your child or you even would like to find out more information please e-mail colin here.

*Also please remember your first visit to the club is free, so feel free to come and see us in person!*