Benefits of being a member

At LGC we try to give our members as many benefits as we possibly can and we work with local retailers, events and companies when possible to try and get our members little benefits for sticking with us.

Unlike alot of other clubs, at LGC you are not required to pay a membership fee to become a member and recieve benefits, we simply class those that regular attend our club as our members.

What actually are the benefits of being a member of Lisburn Gaming Club?

Well firstly you get yourself a snazzy LGC membership card, this grants you discount at any viable local retailers.  Also what we try to do ourselves is grant cheaper access to our events and tournaments, where possible.

As for our local retailers, unfortunately the majority of them that offered discount to our members have went out of business and closed.  But Replay Games in Bangor still offer 20% to our members when you display your membership card.

Our good friends at Black Knight Gaming in Larne also offer discount to our members, again when you show your membership card.  (sometimes the guys would come down and bring stock with them)

And Finally Wee Gamers in Whitehead also offer up a discount to our members who can show off their shiny membership cards.  (sometimes the guys would come down and bring stock with them)


LGC also is a proud member of GCN (Gaming Club Network) and as part of that membership we also are able to grant our members discount to a few online companies.  The companies currently available for discount to our members through GCN are:

(members will have to contact the committee privately for the discount codes)