9th Birthday & AGM

Bring & Buy 2018!

LGC bring & buy If you don’t know already this Saturday is our bring and buy day! 9am-6pm What it is, is a day where along side the normal games being played we allow space for people to bring items

Friday night gaming returns! 16th feb

This coming friday our friday nights return! The much asked for friday evenings begin this coming friday as a trial run. The question ive been asked most is already when is the next one. The answer to be honest is,

28th September 2017 LGC latest and BIG update!

Hola everyone! We haven’t had any news or updates or anything in awhile so im firing one out now for all to be brought up to date and to be kept in the loop.   NEW PRICING Right, so we

24hr Gaming Day for Charity

24hr Gaming Day at LGC for charity! Date – 22nd July 2017 Link to facebook event for this – https://www.facebook.com/events/1677888339185004 What is it? First time and only time ever so far LGC will open into the evening nevermind 24hrs! And

Bill’s Adventures volume 1

There’s this wee game I played recently during my adventures – it involved several other players around a board that was scratch-built to look like a Coliseum track that you’d find in the likes of Ben-Hur (the classic, not the

2017 AGM

2017 AGM details So firstly I would like to thank all those that attended the AGM on saturday, well in reality, stopped playing their games and listened to me talk for a few minutes. Special thank you to those who

Blood Bowl league!

The new Blood Blowl league is starting, we are still looking for more people to join!  If your interested check out the following pages Blood Bowl season 3!   http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=81  

LGC Newsletter 18-11-16

LGC Newsletter 18-11-16 Hola Everyone! Xmas Closure LGC’s final gaming day is 3rd Dec 2016.  That will be us closed for xmas and we will reopen 7th Jan 2017!   3rd Dec On this day LGC will host two different

Bolt Action 2015/16 Campaign Turn 9

Turn 9 Current map Current Phase – To battle! What to do? If you have a game, listed below to play. then contact your opponent via the forums (forum username in brackets) and arrange a time to play them.  If