Blood Bowl league!

The new Blood Blowl league is starting, we are still looking for more people to join!  If your interested check out the following pages Blood Bowl season 3!  

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LGC Newsletter 18-11-16

LGC Newsletter 18-11-16 Hola Everyone! Xmas Closure LGC’s final gaming day is 3rd Dec 2016.  That will be us closed for xmas and we will reopen 7th Jan 2017!   3rd Dec On this day LGC will host two different

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Bolt Action 2015/16 Campaign Turn 9

Turn 9 Current map Current Phase – To battle! What to do? If you have a game, listed below to play. then contact your opponent via the forums (forum username in brackets) and arrange a time to play them.  If

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LGC Charity Day 30th April 2016

LGC Charity Day 30th April 2016 All entry fees (plus ability to buy rerolls all go to Chest Heart and Stroke NI) On behalf of Chest Heart and Stroke NI we are running a full charity day.  As said all

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Star Trek Mega Game

  ‘Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship LGC. It’s continuing mission (along with TTN) to beat the klingons at least once and not have to wear the spacesuits that consist of Mittens and Cardboard boxes

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Bring & Buy Sale 2015

Coming Saturday 13th June LGC Bring & Buy 2015!   We are once more doing another Bring & Buy!  If you have never been before what it is, is a day of full on gaming, where at the same time

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Mordheim Beginner Campaign latest turn details

Turn 1 Mission – The Merchant Square (found on page 218 of this rulebook Deadline – The games must be played by 4th april 2015 Table size – 4 by 4 Terrain – In the exact middle of the

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March Freebie Friday

  The next friday opening is 6th March! and it is also the next FREEBIE FRIDAY!! To arrange games etc go here –

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Freebie Fridays!

Starting this coming Friday (13th February), LGC will be open the usual time of 7.30pm – 11.30pm, however entry for the entire night will be free, which means anyone can come down and get games in at no cost! Tuck

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Bolt Action Campaign (Beginner Campaign) Round 4

Round 4   At the beginning of round 4 the map looks like this   Round 4 Orders Conglomerate of Africa attack 27 Murica! Freedom Fighters attack 29 The Ruskies attack 29 Das Booters attack 8 Smersh attack 8 Brotherhood

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