Blood Bowl season 3!



With GW rereleasing Blood Bowl we are hoping our 3rd season of our Blood Bowl league will be bigger than ever with new players joining the fold.

Current Status: Group Stages

Season begins  – 18th Feb

Rules link- Link to announcment on LGC forums

Group Details – Each team must play eachother once. Recording result and all important match moments (TD, Comp etc) on the following sheet during the game (you can print yourself or some are available at LGC on sign in desk) Once sheets complete hand to Colin. Players have 2 months to complete all games!

The top 2 teams from each group will automatically go through to the knockout stage. Then the top 4 3rd places will also advance to knockout.

Group 1

(Team name – Coach name – Forum name – Team Race)
Bogenhafen FogBryan O’Neile (reroll) -Human
Anlec AwesomesAndrew Curran (karras) -High Elf
Smashmouth ScimitarsAndy McGorman – (kaiowas) -Human
Red Mountain GrumblersRyan Fletcher (gothump) -Dwarf
Plenty ‘f Suicidal Goblins ‘n’ too TrollsPatrick Magee (salaius) -Goblin

Group 2
(Team name – Coach name – Forum name – Team Race)
Maneater UnitedMichael McConkey (sir_m1ke) -Orc
The R.P.O.Stephen Brown (wee-stevie) -Orc
Warpstone StealersGary Mcneill (meleth) -Skaven
The Marsh Hall MaulersAlan Marshall (footloose) -Chaos
F.L.O.P.Ryan Cleland (Gorninator) -Skaven

Group 3
(Team name – Coach name – Forum name – Team Race)
Warp-pit War DogsChris Gallagher (DarkArcher) – Skaven
Seedlings– chris Jnrs *i can contact if you go through me* – Wood Elf
Norn-Direland KneecappersColin Morrison (colm) -Chaos
The Emperors FinestMark Dornan (iridivus) -Lizardmen
Karak AnvilsRichard Anderssen (rich) -Dwarf
*Chris Jnr, ususally shows up everyweek from 12-1 looking a game*

Group 4
(Team name – Coach name – Forum name – Team Race)
Wurtbad Wayward Fellowship (WWF)Colin Shields (wolfie) -Human
All Hallows CleaversSteve Fletcher (morglum) -Undead
Morks AllstarsIvan Magowan (lordho) -Orc
Newage ZodiacsAshton Davis (cycrosa) -Human
Gordons SeedMagnus Ooferson (duce) -Dwarf
Group 5
(Team name – Coach name – Forum name – Team Race)
Hagg Gruief Ball FondlersAndrew Turkington (andy t) -Dark Elf
Cantebury CrusadersDžerards Praiors (gjp) -Vampire
Kulture KlubGordon Johnston (drumkee_thunder) -Orc
Black Sewer ChargersAlan Johnston (jonto81) -Skaven
Group 6
(Team name – Coach name – Forum name – Team Race)
De Kilief Nek Snappas – Stephen (caddyshack) -Orc
Ratigans ReaversCarolynne McGorman (lithium) -Skaven
13th Ballers– Adam Williamson (adam) -Skaven
Venomfang FlyersAndy Beattie (elixier) -Skaven

For latest standings and results go here