Bolt Action 2015/16 Campaign Turn 10

Turn 10 (FINAL TURN!)

Current map


Current Phase – To battle!

What to do?

If you have a game, listed below to play. then contact your opponent via the forums (forum username in brackets) and arrange a time to play them.  If you have issues contacting your opponent talk to colin.

Also you must email your 1250 point army lists into roger before you battle (

Round 9 Orders

– SS-Jagdverbände (Reichmarschall Regan)  attacks

– Das Booters (jonto81) attacks

– Alvin’s Army (Eiglepulper) attacks

– The Red War machine (Nc89) attacks

– Brotherhood of Rog (roger campbell) attacks

– Albys Rejects (alby1976) attacks

– SMERSH (darkarcher) attacks

– Finnish Attack Kitty (azura25) attacks

– Red Army (Graham) attacks

– United states of No (wolfie) attacks

– Illinois Eagles (reroll) attacks

– Posty’s special delivery force (postyjohn) attacks

– Big Red one (Lordho)

– Offensive Radical Knutt Society (BGJ)

– Helden des Vaterlandes (desperate dazz) attacks

– Also Appearing in this Campaign (just4kix) attacks

– B00tleg’s Bastids (tenaciousb) attacks

– Beatties Bears (elixier) attacks

The Polish Armed Mafia (stabby) attacks

– USMC (paulthemad) attacks
Confirmed battles to be played


Latest Round 9 News

Mission is here –

The Polish Armed Mafia (stabby) have left campaign

Round 9 final movements/battle outcomes