Bolt Action Campaign (Beginner Campaign) Round 1

Round 1


At the beginning of round 1 the map looks like this


Round 1 Orders

– Black superiors move from country 28 into 18, to expand their ever growing terrority.

– Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers move from country 12 into 6 to expand their land.

– SMERSH, attack their neighbours in country Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers in 2.

– Murica! Freedom Fighters and Rommel’s operation human shield both get the same idea to expand their lands and both move into 31.

– The Varangian Guard and Kampfgruppe Ehrfürchtig both eye 25 and both move in their troops to try and claim this land for their own.

– The Ruskies aim to remove Conglomerate of Africa  from 11 to expand their lands.

–  The Desert Rats, travel north to claim 3 from Sun Rise Sushi

– Ferret Force  move their troops north and take control of 34.

– Brotherhood of Rog, spot the troop movements in the neighbour country 36 owned by The Desert Rats and take that opportunity to attack the unprepared country.

– Conglomerate of Africa eye up 27 and seek to claim it from Murica! Freedom Fighters

– Sun Rise Sushi dont take kindly to their neighbours Uncle Bill’s Tarapooper and launch into their homeland at 12.


Confirmed battles to be played

SMERSH (darkarcher) vs Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers (tenaciousb)

Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers (tenaciousb) vs Sun Rise Sush (morglum)

Sun Rise Sush (morglum) vs The Desert Rats (biggreenj)

The Desert Rats (biggreenj) vs Brotherhood of Rog (roger campbell)

Murica! Freedom Fighters (wolfie) vs Rommel’s operation human shield (Reichmarschall Regan)

Murica! Freedom Fighters (wolfie) vs Conglomerate of Africa (stephen padraig taylor)

Conglomerate of Africa (stephen padraig taylor) vs The Ruskies (Graham)

Kampfgruppe Ehrfürchtig (Paulthemad) vs Varangian Guard (just4kix)


Latest Round 1 News

– Murica! Freedom Fighters declare war on Conglomerate of Africa (read more here)

– The Axis of Evil has been formed, the three countries involved are
Sun Rise Sush, Kampfgruppe Ehrfürchtig and Murica! Freedom Fighters

– Sun rise sushi show support for their allies and declare war on Conglomerate of Africa

– Kampfgruppe Ehrfürchtig have openly declared war on Conglomerate of Africa, Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers, The Desert Rats, Ferret Force

– The people of Rommel’s operation human shield have overthrown those in charge and they have been renamed and have a new flag to fight under and a new leader.  They have been renamed, Finns on Crack

– The Ruskies have joined the Axis of Evil

– New Rules introduce for round 2 check them out here.

– A new alliance has been formed, the The Anti Douchbag Alliance.  Members include; Uncle Bills Tarapoopers, Brotherhood of Rog, The Desert Rats, Black Superiors, Conglomerate of Africa, Finns on Crack.

– Varangian Guard join the Axis of Evil

– Ferret Force and SMERSH declare an alliance and create Siberian Furballs.


Round 1 final movements/battle outcomes

-The Desert Rats vs Brotherhood of Rog = Brotherhood of Rog win capturing 36.

-Murica! Freedom Fighters vs Conglomerate of Africa = Draw Murica! Freedom Fighters hold 27.

-Conglomerate of Africa vs The Ruskies = The Russkies win capturing 11.

-Ferret Force capture 34.

-Black Superiors capture 18.

-Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers capture 6.

-Sunrise Sushi vs The Desert Rats = Win for Sunrise Sushi who hold 3.

-Murica! Freedom Fighters vs Finns on Crack = Draw no one captures

-SMERSH vs Uncle Bills Tarapoopers = SMERSH win capturing 2.

-Kampfgruppe Ehrfürchtig vs Varangian Guard = Win for Varangian Guard as ze germans bottled it. Varangian Guard win 25.

-Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers vs Sun Rise Sush = No show as they both got lost in the jungle. Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers hold their homeland 12.