Bolt Action Campaign (Beginner Campaign)

The Beginner Bolt Action Campaign

Round 6 Current Round – Go Here

Round 5  – Go Here

Round 4 – Go here

Round 3, details – Go here

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Round 1 details here



As Bolt Action has taken off at LGC we have decided to make a simple campaign for everyone to play games in and learn the rules together.  The campaign rules themselves are incredibly simple and it is intended so that people focus on the games more than anything else.



Click here for the rules!


Latest Update

-10-02-15 Round 6, the final round is now ready for orders, the map is updated and lets see how this ends up!

-16-12-14 – Round 5 is ready for orders.  The map updated and the return of Rommel’s operation human shield!

-25-8-14 – Round 1 complete.  Round 2 begins, the map has been updated and new army lists and troops orders need submitted once more. Lists to Roger and orders to Colin.

17-7-14 – Planning stage of round 1 is now a go! Once you submit everything you can begin to battle!

– Submit your troop orders to colin via e-mail (, PM on forums (Wolfie) or by contacting generally via phone or online.

– Submit your Army lists to roger via e-mail (, PM on forums (Roger Campbell) or by contacting him via phone or online.


Latest Map Standings

(Click to enlarge)


To explain the map above:

-Grey territories belong to the Axis of Evil

-Purple territories belong to the Anti Douchebag Alliance

-Cream territories belong to the Siberian Furballs

– Red territories remain unclaimed