LGC Charity Day 30th April 2016


LGC Charity Day

30th April 2016

All entry fees (plus ability to buy rerolls all go to Chest Heart and Stroke NI)

On behalf of Chest Heart and Stroke NI we are running a full charity day.  As said all entry fees on the day will be donated to the charity.  Also during our mini events and games we will allow people to buy a reroll fore their game, and this will all go to the charity.

We Urgently need people to confirm their attendance to help us out.  Also more offers for people to run games etc will be appreciated.  Do no hesitate contacting us around that.  If you wish to confirm your interest in taking part in a game do so via the event on facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/210329689342053  or via the game arranging for that day http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?tid=6289  and finally our events section which has some of the events mentioned for a full sign up .


4v4 Bolt Action 6000 point game!

1500 points per player.  3 regular lists and one tank list per side!  A massive spectacle to behold!  (GAME FULL)

X-wing hunger games for x-wing lovers

A light hearted x-ing game, one ship per person free for all with multiple players.  Prize donated for this.  rulespack is here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_5cJ3JbFF6-dG40ekJIR25qd0U/view

More details/sign up here http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?tid=6368

Backspindle Games Fun for beginners boardgames

The guys from Backspindle games (http://www.backspindlegames.com/)  are coming down, due to this also being international tabletop day!

They are hoping to show off their games and run mini events for them. The games they are having are the following

– a Codinca speed tournament (they will show you how to play)
Guards! Guards! A Discworld Boardgame game
Luchador – Mexican Wrestling Dice tag team brawl

Zombiecide Black Plague Fun for beginners boardgame

One of our members is running a scenario from the new spin off, of the popular board game.  More info for the sign up here – http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?tid=6379

Battlestar Galactica Board Game

Bill, is coming down and looking for people to play a round of the much loved Battlestar Galactica Board Game!  http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?tid=6378

Dont forget reguarding coming along, signing up.  You can also let us know your interested via the facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/210329689342053

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! sign up, come down and help us out for a good cause!

Star Trek Mega Game


mega game

‘Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship LGC. It’s continuing mission (along with TTN) to beat the klingons at least once and not have to wear the spacesuits that consist of Mittens and Cardboard boxes – because we forgot to power life support. YES LGC is running Star Trek Mega Game. You get to act like complete fools whilst playing a serious 10 foot by 10 foot space battle strategy game. See the link here for past calamities…….


LGC is hosting the Star Trek Mega Game, as seen at TTN (Beacon).  TTN is kindly lending it to us for us to use as of growing interest. We will run 2 games of it during 20th Feb.  Due to the limit on numbers and time we will have to have do a sign up for it.  You will find a link to the sign up on our forums here – http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?tid=6198


What is Star Trek Mega Game?

It is a space game were two ships (manned by 2-3 players each) move around a large grid to combat another two ships (also manned).  It involves predicting where you believe the enemy ships will be and moving power control to the areas that you need to combat them (shields, weapons, air supply and thrusters etc.)  And then hope you selected the right side to active each of these.  Deploying of the power is all timed.


How do you win?

Defeat the opposite two ships


What is the crew?

1 captain, to decide what the plan is for each round.  1 helms officer, to put power into air supply, control movement of the ship, speed and other ship functions such as transporters, communication and scanning etc..  1 weapons officer who controls, which weapons are activated and which side of shields to power and also to declare his targets.  Each ship completes these orders within a time limit (while dealing with any ship emergencies or damage) and once the time is up those running the game will activate the ships and play out the round.


How long does a game take?

There is no set game length, however it can take a few hours to play out a full space battle. We will host 2 sessions during the day


Can i play in both sessions?

Yes, however we would ask if someone is wishing to play and you have already you kindly let them have a go.  However we do not mind people playing in both sessions.


Is this game fun?

YES!  incredibly. Listen to colin, roger, Dave Speer and Andersen. Those that have played it, we love it.  Its mayhem with all the fun of being noisy and shouting at your opponents and blaming all for your mistakes, even your own team.


What are the Sessions?

10am (8-12 people)

2pm (8-12 people)


Below are some reserved pictures of the game in action at Beacon

DSC_1092 DSC_1091 DSC_1090 DSC_1089 DSC_1088 DSC_1087 DSC_1086 12295408_1037591176291900_1090784435536567867_n 12278997_1037591222958562_354936701680303562_n 12274769_1037591186291899_2071883813686000287_n 12249731_1037591226291895_5149302259196844142_n

Bring & Buy Sale 2015

575382_539756832743845_2141781653_n copy

Coming Saturday 13th June

LGC Bring & Buy 2015!


We are once more doing another Bring & Buy!  If you have never been before what it is, is a day of full on gaming, where at the same time we will give everyone an area for them to put out and show off all items (gaming and non-gaming related) that they are looking to sale/trade.  Then while they are gaming and having a fun, people can approach them and make them offer etc.

It is also for those who are looking to game but possibly add to their gaming items (get new armies etc).  For those who are planning to come down and sit all day beside items they are looking to sell, you are missing the point entirely, will be bored and we cannot guarantee you will sell anything!  Grab your items you no longer want game and look to trade!

On the day we can promise, board games, 40k, bolt action, fantasy.  However feel free to bring down other things with you like board games etc, whatever you love and get others to join in while we all have a laugh and trade!


As for a few questions i know that will be asked

– Is there cash machine nearby?

Shop next door has one


– Can i sell non gaming items?

Feel free but we cannot guarantee you will sell them


-Have people bought/sold much at these before?

Last year on top of all the trades that happened i believe it was 4 full 40k armies were sold/bought


Do you know what will be sold by people?

Well we will put a post on our forums here… http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?tid=5760 for people to say what kind of things they are looking for on the day or else what roughly they may bring down to sell.


Are LGC selling anything?

Yes, we shall possibly be selling a few board games and scenery (dropzone commander mainly)


Satisfied?  why not use the forum to discuss what your bringing and go to our game arranging and arrange a game for the day too! go here for that http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?tid=5743

Mordheim Beginner Campaign latest turn details

Turn 1

Mission – The Merchant Square (found on page 218 of this rulebook http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/MordheimRulebook.pdf)

Deadline – The games must be played by 4th april 2015

Table size – 4 by 4

Terrain – In the exact middle of the board there should be a small peice of scenery, statue or guillotine peice of scenery etc, and have at least a 12” inch x 12” inch square open area. This will represent the Merchant’s Square. There will then be a square of buildings around the square, boardering it (with alley ways between them).  Buildings placed outside of the Merchant’s Square will represent the Merchant’s Homes and Shoppe’s.

Special Rules – Warbands will begin searching the buildings for common items. Each warband will roll 1D6 for each searchable building. If they roll a 4+ they found a common item. In the Merchant’s Square, will be D3 crates per warband. The crates will be placed in the middle of the Merchant’s Square. When a warband touches a crate they must roll a D6. Only one roll per crate. On a roll of a 1 on a D6, the Black Pegasus will appear. The Black Pegasus will appear 8” inches in on a Random Table edge. The Black Pegasus will go in the last turn and will attempt to fly down on the models in the Merchant’s Square. The Black Pegasus will target the closest model in the Merchant’s Square. Merchant’s Square is the 12” x 12” area in the middle of the table as the streets and alleys would be too narrow for the Pegasus to fly into.

Black Pegasus stats

M-3 WS-3 BS– S-4 T-4 W-5 I-3 A-5 Ld-8
Fear: A Black Pegasus with three heads will cause Fear in most people.
Flying: The Black Pegasus can fly or charge up to 12”inches with no terrain penalties. Just like the old saying “As the Crow flies.” The 12” inches is the furthest the Black Pegasus can flying, no charging or running to increase distance.
Walking: The Black Pegasus can only walk three inches on the ground and cannot charge or run.
Save: The Black Pegasus has a 5+ save that is not modified by strength of attacks against it.
Immune to Psychology: Same stuff that is printed in the rule book.
Skull of Iron: The Pegasus’s skull is much too thick for normal blows to penetrate. It is immune to the effects of being stunned. Treat any results from the Injury Table as knocked down results.

Starting the Game – Each player rolls a D6. The player with the highest has the first turn and order of play proceeds clockwise around the table (based on where the players placed their warbands).

Ending the game – When all the crates are off the table, all but one warband has routed, or the warbands ally (if able to via allignment).


+1 Survives. If a Hero or Henchmen group survives the battle they gain +1 Experience.
+1 Winning Leader. The leader of a winning warband gain +1 Experience.
+1 Per Enemy out of Action. Any Hero earn +1 Experience for each enemy he puts out of action.
+1 Per each crate taken off the board. Any Hero earns +1 Experience for taking a crate off the board.

+1 For wounding the Black Pegasus. Any Hero or Henchman earns +1 Experience for each wound he inflicts on the Black Pegasus.
+2 For taking the Black Pegasus out of action. The Hero or Henchman that puts the Black Pegasus out of action gets a bonus +2 experience.

Items – Common items are found in the houses surrounding the Market’s Square. They are kept no matter if you win or loose. Remember you need to roll a 4+ for each house to see if you were able to locate a common item. Only one opportunity per house. Please keep track of what homes you searched so you can take them off the list.

Item                           D6 Result Needed
D3 Morning Star                   1
D3 Spears                                2
D3 Bows                                   3
D3 Crossbow                          4
1 Suit of Heavy Armour    5
D3 Nets                                    6

Rare items can only come from the crates placed in the middle of the Merchant’s Square. Rare items may only be found if the crate is taken off the table. If no crates made if off the table then no Rare Items will be found. You will be much too nervous looking out for the other warbands and a Black Pegasus to open the crate in the middle of the Merchant’s Square. When the game ends, the winning warband(s) does not automatically get the crates. The roll for the rare items will happen after the battle is complete, when you are filling out your warband updates with colin (wolfie).

Item                            D6 Result Needed
D3 Repeater Crossbow           1
D3 Handgun                                2
D3 Healing Herbs                     3
1 Gromril Weapon                   4
1 Dose Bugman’s Ale               5
1 Eleven Cloak                           6


Additional Info

Please please keep a track of everything that happens during the battle with your warband as it happens. So the following things that are needed to be wrote down as a note are:

  • If one of your heroes puts another model out of action (and who it was)
  • If any of your warband are put out of action and by who (model not the player)
  • If any of your heroes take a crate off the table
  • Any Henchman or Hero that takes a wound off the Black Pegasus
  • The Hero or Henchman that puts the Black Pegasus out of action



So for the first mission this will be multiplayer, there will be one table of 5 players, another one also with 5 and finally a table with 4.  These have been randomly drawn.  So please guys inform everyone what dates you can attend and times in this thread – http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?tid=5535

Game 1 – Mike(Rayharryhausen), Nikki(nikki), Roger(Roger Campbell), Chris(Ruddworth), Bryan(reroll)

Game 2 – Andy(Elixier), Colin(wolfie), Chris(Galloway612), Mark(Iridivus), Chris(Malimar)

Game 3 – Steve(morglum), Barry(eratu13), Alan(Jonto81), Jonny(BGJ)


Games can be played between 6th March – 4th April



FAQ’s for the mission

– Can a model run with a crate?

No, not unless two models carry one crate together then they can run the distance of the slowest model.


– Can a model climb with the crate?

No, only unless the obstacle is under an inch high


– If a character is stunned etc does he still hold the crate?

No, it drops beside him and can be picked up by someone elseor until he gets back up to lift it once more.


– If the game ends but i hold a crate and havent got it off the table edge do i still get it?

No, only those crates off the table count, no matter if you win or lose


– If i lift a crate that has alreayd been opened do i need to do the Black Pegasus roll again?



– Can the Black Pegasus come more than once?



– Can i voluntarily rout after i get a crate off the table?

Only if your at the stage of rolling for rout tests as described in rule book


– Can i lift a crate with my allies and share the prize?

No to both


– What about underdog XP?

If this is applicable to you, colin will already be aware of it and will be ready to add it to your stuff when you sit down with him after the battle


– Do characters who have left the board count towards rout tests etc?

Any models from your warband that have left the board with a crate will not count as out of action when it comes to rout tests, they will count as still being on the board.



After the battle

Once your game is complete, you will need to sit down with colin (wolfie) to fill in all your details and updtae your rosters, nobody else can witness rolls etc and if you havent recorded something from the game then it will not happen (this is for bonuses only, as someone will have recorded you out of action by their guys and that will be recorded)




Freebie Fridays!

1175747_628778007154042_2101174111_n copy

Starting this coming Friday (13th February), LGC will be open the usual time of 7.30pm – 11.30pm, however entry for the entire night will be free, which means anyone can come down and get games in at no cost!

Tuck shop items however will require payment!

Why? i hear you ask.  Well the LGC committee have decided that we should be giving back alot more to our members and this is one way of us beginning to do this.  This does not mean that every friday will be free, only those advertised as a freebie friday friday will be free.


Interested in coming down?  Check out the game arranging for that


Bolt Action Campaign (Beginner Campaign) Round 4

Round 4


At the beginning of round 4 the map looks like this



Round 4 Orders

Conglomerate of Africa attack 27

Murica! Freedom Fighters attack 29

The Ruskies attack 29

Das Booters attack 8

Smersh attack 8

Brotherhood of Rog move into 3

Varangian Guard attack 13

Screaming Eagles attack 13

The Desert Rats attack 37

Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers move into 1

Illinois Eagles move into 1

Black superiors move into 1

Finns on Crack attack 21

Ferret Force move into 15



Confirmed battles to be played

Conglomerate of Africa (stephen padraig taylor) vs Murica! Freedom Fighters (wolfie)
Brotherhood of Rog (roger campbell) vs Murica! Freedom Fighters (wolfie)
Brotherhood of Rog (roger campbell) vs The Ruskies (Graham)
Brotherhood of Rog (roger campbell) vs Das Booters (jonto81)
Brotherhood of Rog (roger campbell) vs Smersh (darkarcher)
Murica! Freedom Fighters (wolfie) vs The Desert Rats (biggreenj)
Conglomerate of Africa (stephen padraig taylor) vs Varangian Guard (just4kix)
Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers (tenaciousb) vs Illinois Eagles (reroll)
Conglomerate of Africa (stephen padraig taylor) vs Screaming Eagles (alby1976)
Illinois Eagles (reroll) vs Black superiors (mackey69)
Varangian Guard (just4kix) vs Finns on Crack (azura25)




Latest Round 4 News

none yet


Round 4 final movements/battle outcomes

Ferret Force move into 15
Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers move into 1 when they defeat Illinois Eagles
Brotherhood of Rog move into 3, whilst at the same time defending all their countries
The Desert Rats capture 37 from Murica! Freedom Fighters
Finns on Crack take 21 from Varangian Guard
Screaming Eagles capture 13 from Conglomerate of Africa

Demos with an Icestorm

Infinity Banner

Hey Folks,

I’m back posting and gaming after a hiatus caused by a screaming baby boy joining my brood. (Future Gaming Guru)

I really haven’t got much to report other than being able to get a few demo games in of the new Infinity Starter box set and a taste of the 3rd edition rules.

Firstly, I’d like to take the chance to say that the box set is excellent value for an entry into the game system. Loads of models, variety in the game play and nice (not great) play mat/scenery. I’d could go into a greater detail review of the scenery at another time but would like some pics to add in to the post. (Time is short with the new addition to the family :P)

Second, the rules pack that comes with the Operation: Icestorm pack is top notch learning guide for the game. I was able to give three demo games up at WeeGamers in one evening and showed off the basic mechanics very well. Also, with each mission as you progress through the rule book adds in more and more rules. This means that you are not immediately overwhelmed by a wall of text and can get into a quick game straight away. Other Quickstart rules should take note of how this was done and the progression level was pitched just right.

Lastly, I’ve always been impressed by the sculpts from Corvus Belli, and the models in the box set are no exception. They are not as bulky as other game systems and do not feel as robust as say Games Workshop models. However, the quality and variety of poses really take it to another level. The anima/sci-fi/cyberpunk feel is immediately recognizable and gives the impression of comic book style art direction. As I said, I was fan of the models before playing the game and these additions to my Infinity Forces (yes, the two factions in the box I’ll more than likely start playing) are more than welcome/fitting.  Nomads are by far my favourite in the looks department but I think ALEPH will be my “go to” for gameplay.

Infinity: Grenzer by Corvus Belli

The new Nomad unit, Grenzer Security, is worthy of a special mention (rules wise a bit meh but then again 3rd edition rules may change my opinion), excellent looking mini.

Hopefully I’ll get a change to have another full game sometime soon before 3rd breaks.






First Games


Bob again.

I’ve now had a few games, some at 200pts and one at 300pts, of Infinity.  From those games I’ve picked out a lot of good things and it’s also raised a few concerns.

1. List building is a balancing act.

First there is the unit cost. Managing the load outs of you different troop types. Standard games is 300pts. If you go mostly heavy infantry then 300pts will be eaten up fairly quickly. Stray too much into light infantry and you’ll fair better but bleed orders in the game very quickly. So in this area you can build to a particular strength of the faction but also keep in mind the need for versatility and survivability.

Special Weapons are another factor in a list build. A one-per-50pt also needs to be managed. At 300pts that’s an allowance of 6 SWC (Special Weapons Cost) in your list. This cost is fairly abstract in that it is not solely based on the weapons the model is loaded out with It is more a “Elite” costing. It includes the capabilities, equipment, specialist role as well as the weapons the model is armed with.

For example, the Deva Functionary for ALEPH (my faction so I’m sorta familiar with it) comes with a SWC of 0 on it’s basic load out.  Upgrade it to a hacker and you see a significant unit cost rise and a SWC of 0.5.  This is giving is access to the hacker abilities but with the same weapons as the basic model. Upgrade the weapon to a Spitfire (the iconic weapon in Infinity) and the model cost goes down but SWC goes to 1. As you can see from this quick overview that adding in one column can take from another. This is right across the board with all models and factions in the game. AND amazingly feels very balanced. (Not perfectly balanced but close)

Specialists… This one is my stumbling block. Mainly because I haven’t had enough games with using them. The questions that I’m asking myself are:

  • Should I take one of each to fulfil a classified I might roll?
  • Should I go heavy in one area because it’s more likely to come up? (e.g. Doctor or Engineer)
  • How flexible do I want to be without giving up how I want to play the game?

The other problem I have is that is some situations I can’t see a benefit for a specialist over a standard, cheaper unit. For instance, the forward observer role feels very situational. You have to spend X amount of orders to perform the role’s best tactic. Whereas smart movement and use of terrain can get a similar/ better result at a fraction of orders/SWC/model cost.  Medics are cheaper than Docs but riskier (failed heal attempts = dead unit). I’m still puzzling this one out so I’ll give my thoughts on it at a later date.

2. Overlaps

Overlapping fields of fire are devastating. I was able to set up two Heavy Machine gun units on the same flank but at different elevations and angles but gave a good coverage of a fire lane. I also hidden deployed a sniper high up to cover the same area. My opponent walked out into what he thought was good cover to get a shot at one of the HMGs and found a lot of AROs coming back at him. Since he couldn’t get a burst on to each model things went bad quickly for that model. I was then able to lay down suppression fire and block that area for one of his turns later in the game.

You can do the same with mines it turns out. Spending a few orders on a unit armed with mines can close out an objective to your opponent. Placing them in such a way that if they try for the objective you can trigger one on their turn and then another on yours. I was using Monofilament  mines which stay in play. A nasty little deterrent. 🙂

3. Knowledge is key

Not knowing what the opponent’s army does is a huge disadvantage. Knowing what a unit is armed with and what special skill it has is vital. Down the line I should be able to figure out what a unit’s Stat is and to be able to work the game to a point where they automatically fail a test. I’ve seen this done. A situation is worked by a good player where the opposing role is modified to the point where it cannot succeed. I believe this will be harder to do in 3rd Edition but as it stand veteran players will have a big advantage over us newbs.




Opening Shots

Hello, Bob again, reporting from the baby steps end of entering into a new game for me.

I first started into wargaming because I wanted to paint. I had, at the start, no intention of playing a game. However, from my humble beginnings of a box of Eldar Swooping Hawks six years ago, I’ve built up a decent sized Eldar army and dabbled in a number of other games systems.

In each game I always looked for a model I wanted to paint before looking at the play style of the faction.

Infinity is no different in that aspect. I picked the ALEPH faction due to the models. I appreciate the style of the faction and I’ve been wanting to paint them for years. Bill Taylor (web guru and filth-monger) had been talking (with lots of arm waving and cuss words) about how good the game was and that he’d already got some of the minis.

This gave me an incentive to get the box set to paint up. Since receiving the box set the following things have happened.

  • Box set arrive, miniatures cleaned, built and primed
  • Read far too much information online
  • Watched far too many battle reports for Infinity on Youtube
  • Read the rulebook, wiki and messed about with the army builder app on the Infinity website
  • Attended a ITS tournament (spectator) at Nordicon (Queens Dragonslayers games con)
  • Allowed 40k models to gather dust in the corner
  • Played first game against the aforementioned potty mouth
  • Played another learning game against a seasoned player
  • Got 7/8ths of my models painted

So that seems to be a busy four weeks.

Things I’ve learnt about the game:

  1. High ground is definitely the premium in this game. Special weapons (sniper rifles, HMGs and rocket launchers) can all cause a problem even if they don’t fire. You do not want to risk showing anything of your model to a line of fire of one of these.
  2. Camo units can win a game for you even if they die.
  3. Sneaky tactics are encouraged (but apparently not in beginner games)
  4. It’s nothing like other games out there

I will explain a bit more about point 4 above. In most skirmish games or even large battle games for the tabletop, close combat is a main part of the game play. In Infinity it does happen but is not a huge focus of the game play. It’s quick to resolve and happens very rarely.

Shooting and hi-tech combat are the main focuses of this game. It plays out like a close quarters section of a FPS videogame. Hugging cover, using firing lanes, using area denial tactics and, of course, running for the objectives.

Scoring in the game is all about the scenario played and the known objectives and “classified” secret objectives. This means that you could be getting your butt handed to you but be ahead with the scoring. A forced retreat (losing 60% of your force) can be an advantage, making the game end early giving you the win. This gives an unusual situation of not trying to kill a model is actually to your opponents advantage.

Looking forward I hope to get some 300pt games on the go. For what I can see this is where the variety in game play comes out. There is no sure fire win-em-all lists as a player can build in a number of counters to any tactic. Versatility is the key to a good list.

This evening I’ll be taken through another demo/beginner game with our local Warcor up at Queens Dragonslayers. Hopefully, I can get some pics and do a Not-Rep for the game. Then in the Saturdays to come get detail reports of the games we play at LGC itself.