Committee members

LGC requires several people to run is successfully. The committee have different jobs and roles to making th club work and making decisioins whilst complying to rules set out in the constituation.  The committee is forever changing, as people who have a passion for gaming and for club can step up for a term (or several) to help keep the club open and continuing on with its success.  If you would ever like to consider being a future committee member check out this page for details of what is required and the roles for committee at LGC.

Below is the list of Committee Members, who run Lisburn Gaming Club.




Position – Chairperson

Forum Name – Wolfie

Contact E-mail –

Main Games Played – Bolt Action, Konflik ’47, Saga, Blood Bowl, Pulp City, Board Games, Mordheim

Additional Roles/Responsibilities – Webmaster, Advertising & Networking, LGC’s representative for the Laganview Enterprise center, Insures club runs smoothly by being head of committee, Runs and/or assists running Bolt Action/Konflict campaigns, leagues and tournaments, Assists running bloodbowl league, Runs Mordheim campaign, Arranges trophies



Position – Vice-Chairperson

Forum Name – Roger Campbell

Contact E-mail –

Games Played – Bolt Action, Konflikt ’47, Guildball, Dystopian Wars, Saga, Pulp City, Firestorm Armada, Board Games

Additional Roles/Responsibilities – Organising committee attendance at club for each week insuring we have enough cover, contacts volunteers to assist when we are short on committee cover, runs bolt action/Saga/Konflikt’47 leagues, campaigns and tournaments, Facebook page contact




Position – Treasurer

Forum Name – Azura25

Games Played – Bolt Action, Konflikt’47, Warhammer 40k, Board Games

Additional Roles/Responsibilities  – Keeping track of all LGC finances and accounts, posting regular money updates to committee, tracks all purchases, organises changing money from coins to notes, and keeps track of tuck shop stock



Forum Name – Elixier

Games Played – Warmachine, Bolt Action, Blood Bowl, X-Wing

Additional Roles/Responsibilities – Orders club plastic & super glue for tuck shop, Orders LGC winners and regular dice.




Position – Secretary

Forum Name – Reroll

Games Played – Bloodbowl, X-wing, Bolt Action, Saga, Board Games

Additional Roles/Responsibilities – Posts Game arranging threads on forums for everyweek, Runs X-wing league, Runs Bloodbowl league, Arranging committee meetings and taking minutes at them and posting them via committee forum



Forum Name – Marsden

Games Played -Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer 30,000, Bolt Action, X-wing, Board Games

Additional Roles/Responsibilities – None



Forum Name – Iridivus

Games Played -Blood Bowl, Saga, Mordheim, Board Games

Additional Roles/Responsibilities – None



Forum Name – Thon Barnabas

Games Played -Warmachine

Additional Roles/Responsibilities – None



Forum Name – wee-stevie

Games Played -Bloodbowl, Warhammer 40,000

Additional Roles/Responsibilities – None