Former members

This is a page, dedicated to former club members and friends who for whatever reason cannot attend the club anymore. It is just a small tribute to them all and just to say thank you for supporting us when you did.

Name – Chris

Nickname – English Chris

Forum Name – demonictalkin56

Info – Chris, a.k.a. English Chris, briefly attended the club in 2011. Once he discovered LGC, he attended pretty much every week, bringing down his Imperial Guard army and playing lots of 40k and a few other games. He also represented LGC at the 2011 Q-Con 40k tournament, in which he did quite well. Unfortunately he had to move back to his motherland and become a real boy by getting a proper job. However we all enjoyed having him at LGC while he was here.

Name – Adam

Nickname – Adam number 2

Forum Name – Shadow

Info – Adam attended the club from the very start until Feb 2012 (approx 2 years). He won LGC’s very first tournament, which was a Warhammer Fantasy Doubles tournament. He even represented LGC at a 40k tournament at Arkham Gaming Centre, in Jan 2012, finishing the highest of all from LGC. Adam had to move back to England due to his job. Adam will be missed as he was of the originals to attend the club.

LGC 23-3-2012 (14 of 36)
Name – Chris

Nickname – Thor

Forum Name – Ironbane

Info – While Chris did not attend LGC for very long. He was very dependent on lifts, however once that issue was sorted he began to attend regularly. Chris took part in the Ullanor battle in our AOTE campaign representing Ultramarines. He also had to leave our 2012 40k league early (after he just moved into 3rd place). Chris moved to England after he landed a job there, he was very much liked by all and will definately be missed.

Name – Chris

Nickname – Cambridge

Forum Name – Kilwan

Info – Chris was a club member from when the club first opened, becoming a regular warhammer fantasy player and then eventually a warhammer 40,000 player. He regularly attended, playing either warhammer and any board game going. Chris was a winner of your first tournament, which was a warhammer fantasy doubles tournament (he won with Adam, mentioned above). Chris unfortunately has moved to Scotland but still keeps in contact with several members online and one day may return for a surprise appearance or two.