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Full Version: Blood Angels for the Blood Angels God!
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Hmm, wonder what army I've decided to do for the X Gamers???

Anyways, been busy like a bee getting some stuff and reconstituting old stuff to make an army. So far, I have the following:

Wait!!! I can't actually say what I have yet, as I'll be playing Wolfmeister on saturday with a load of unpainted stuff!

Needless to say, I'm very excited about all of this, and it'll be a worthwhile exercise for all!
go on tell everyone what u have...
Tested some stuff on sat as I'm new to Blood Angels - very happy indeed!

I've been busy reconstituting old stuff, as well as getting some new stuff, so below are some pics of the kinds of things I've been working on!

[Image: Chaplin.jpg]
Death Company Chaplain WIP

[Image: Dread.jpg]
Death Company Dread - love the claws! Blood Talons!

[Image: Lightningclaws.jpg]
Lightning claws for...

[Image: Terminators.jpg]
The assault Terminators

[Image: Predator.jpg]
Classic Predator!

[Image: SanguinaryGuard.jpg]
Sanguinary Guard - look at them there, coming out of the dark!

I'll post more updates soon!

Schism 93

I know where those termies came from lol, just keep paying the points for power weapons and I'll love it, ignoring my mighty 6+ save Wink
Got started on Death Company, plus got a Baal Predator today. Reconstituting some old tanks I have, so a possibility of 2 classic Vindicators and a Land Raider to be added.

Need to get the finger out painting wise ffs.
Haven't updated in a while - been very busy.

Got bugger all painting done, but I have been arsing about with other things, like... magnets!

Yes, I got some teeny tiny magnets to see if I could use em for swapping out weapon options on dudes, and I'm happy to report it's been a success! Check out the pics!

[Image: pic1of5.jpg]
A Glaive Encarmine with a teeny tiny magnet

[Image: pic2of5.jpg]
A Power Fist with a teeny tiny magnet

[Image: pic3of5.jpg]
A Sang Guard with a teeny tiny magnet

[Image: pic4of5.jpg]
A Sang Guard with a Power Fist, because, sometimes, you need a Power Fist.

[Image: pic5of5.jpg]
A Sang Guard with a Glaive Encarmine.

I'm planning on using the magnets on vehicles as well, so I can swap out weapon loadouts and stuff - I figure it'll save time, effort and money, plus it'll allow me to pose the buggers!

Schism 93

I think Duce and Adrahil are the only 2 that finished painting Sad The magnets are cool though, been meaning to do that on my eldar vehicles, you got the inferno pistol magnetised as well?
Nah, just the right arms at the min. Don't think I'll ever swap out the inferno pistol - it's very handy!
I only had 21 models to paint for the 500pts :p Havent started anything else yet
(11-10-2010, 09:39 PM)Adrahil Wrote: [ -> ]I only had 21 models to paint for the 500pts :p Havent started anything else yet

I counter your 21 with 18 Tongue

The joys of marines their not that taxing to paint.
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