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Full Version: Blood Angels for the Blood Angels God!
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the spikes make them awesome
looking awesome bill, now keep the flow going and get x-gamers points. still you ciaran and neil working on the armies, and i'm catching up with my 'Blood angels' codex marines.

Schism 93

Well, I can't do more until I get my hands on white paint Sad
Cheers, guys! They're not my best work, and to be honest, rushed a lot espesh the banner. Impatience is my greatest flaw!

I'm currently painting 2 armies - Blood Angels and Daemonhunters - so I have a lot of work to do!
This week, I have been mostly painting...

Death Company.
I love the look of those power weapons! Class! Big Grin
Death Company as promised!

[Image: DeathCompany1of1-3.jpg]
My painting station

[Image: DeathCompany1of1.jpg]
Chopper "Choppy" McChopstein

[Image: DeathCompany1of1-2.jpg]
Plasma happy Cletus
They look really cool Bill
how long does it take u to paint each one bill?
it's taken me all week to get em painted - a few hours each night.
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