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Full Version: Blood Angels for the Blood Angels God!
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Ohhh I love Chopper McChopstein! Looks awesome! Great job!
Cheers guys!

This week, I am building and painting a Stormraven. I'm planning on magnetising the weapons as well.
Stormraven is complete!

If I could be arsed, I'll take a few pics.
Ohhh be arsed!! I wanna see :p

Oh, alright - here we go...

[Image: Stormraven1of5.jpg]
Dead on (censored) accurate with lascannons and heavy bolters. Holy toast.

[Image: Stormraven2of5.jpg]
"Jimmy, do you like movies about Gladiators?"

[Image: Stormraven3of5.jpg]
Look at this moany faced bastard!

[Image: Stormraven4of5.jpg]
In all its grungy glory.

[Image: Stormraven5of5.jpg]
Meltas added for more hot cooking action.

I painted the whole thing blue as I wanted to see what a blue one would look like. I like it, plus it's a nice non-committal colour scheme that will transfer nicely to the Grey Knights.

I call this one "Death From Above". I hope to add a few siblings to this fleet, namely the "On Your Knees, Bitch" and the "Right Up Ye".
Class!!! Love the names man!
Looks ace! Nice work Big Grin Cant wait to see the other two too!
I have to admit, it was good fun doing this wee project. The Ravens are nice to put together.

Schism 93

I like it (the paint job, not the model) what are the grey/black bits on the side? Looks like prep for freehand, but could just be camera angle
looks good Bill i'm dying to clear up my schedule and get painting on the storm ravens... they look awesome.
@Ciaran - dirt and/or battle damage!
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