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Full Version: Blood Angels for the Blood Angels God!
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This week, I will be mostly adding an HQ to my Blood Angels.

Plus a Baal, if I could be arsed.
which HQ?
Mate where did you get your teeny tiny magnets?! I want to try some of that for my wolf guard terminators! Big Grin
@Duce: A librarian with a force axe and a combi-bolter! Lovely model.

@Stalker: got magnets off ebay - I tend to use 2mm thick x 3mm diameter magnets - they suit for plastic arms. For metals, I use 3mm x 5mm ones.
Thanks mate, I'll try find some on there! They dont look too expensive either so all good!
Depending on what powers you take a flamer combi or melta combi are prob the choices, plasms ones either fail or hurt your own guy Tongue
yeah, it's a melta combi - love me some melta action!
Pics of the Baal Predator - I really like it! Magnetising the sucker was a great idea, cos I can also use it as a Razorback!

[Image: Baal1of4.jpg]
[Image: Baal2of4.jpg]
[Image: Baal3of4.jpg]
[Image: Baal4of4.jpg]
Looks class I think!
Was it hard word doing all the magnetising? I've got my first few magnets now from ebay so gunna start with arms before i got for anything this big Smile
magnets are easy enough to work with. maybe we should make a new marine chapter Bill, the Magnet marines. or MM as their symbol on shuolders.

Just a pity the flame storm cannon is so short range on an AV 11 side tank... they really should have made it viable to upgrade sides if you take flamestorm to AV12
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