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Full Version: Help with gold
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hey everyone im painting(yes actually painting) up my obliterators. However its taking forever as i have to keep regoing over the gold. Im using burnished gold. As its the right shade i need. However i have to keep applying layer after layer to it and im getting nowhere. I would be finished 2 probably by now only im still stuck on first.

anyone have any tips or advice?
if your gold is very bright, i.e more a metally colour, you can put a ogryn wash/flesh wash depending on how old your paints are, to deepen the gold and bring the details out. Or you can dry brush some boltgun metal to give a old/beaten/scratched look.

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Use chain mail and glaze the colour on, GW make crap golds
Basecoat the area with a brown first then apply the gold. Sepia wash over the top tones it together. For my Thousand Sons I splashed on some purple wash to make them a bit grittier looking. They're still a WIP.

I find that bronze or gold need something brown underneath to make them work. (and GW gold is a water mess that needs some layers).

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Used to do same way as Bob, it works well if you really want the burnished gold colour, but chainmail + glaze is quicker I think


Best way to do gold in my opinion is to mix a brown with gold as a base/foundation like:

sorched brown + shinning gold simply just mix 1-1 on a piece of tin foil you will prob need a little water in it depends how confident you are in watering down your paint. Then you will need to go over it lightly with shinning gold and just touch up the edges with burnished gold. it works really nice.

But if all that seems too much you can get away with simply putting down like Iydian dark sun or a brown and then shinning gold and it look dead on to be fair.

Should turn out something like this model i rushed the other day:

[Image: 5581310192_089ff93c52_b.jpg]
I used to have a bit of trouble with the golds, but I base coat with brown then when it comes to the gold its self I use a 1/4 brown with 3/4 gold so that i get a more dulled down gold colour.

and Colin! woohoo! Painting!
yeah. i do a spot of it then a wait a few weeks and forget what colours i used etc and have to work it all out again

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A note pad, the occasional painters best friend Smile
i keep a banana on hand just incase
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