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Full Version: Turn 5 Need your orders all!
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if peeps dont stop roger he is gonna win....
Yeah Feckin Ferret Force bastids !

You'll be swimmin at the end of this round Colin !
@ Roger Campbell
Ferret Force did have married parents!! Don't cast nasturtiums on them, you'll hurt their feelings.

@ wolfie
It's not *this* Roger, ie Ferret Force, it's *that* Roger ie the Friggin' Finns - let's not confuse people into attacking my poor little furry friends.

But thats my plan. Hopefully people will have learnt their lessons after last round. Otherwise I will bring even dirtier lists next time lol
Id also be greatful if people could send their lists to me
You already have Ferret Force's, I believe?
All present and correct Roger Smile
Mine will be the same as last time too.