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Full Version: Turn 5 results
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Brotherhood of Rog vs Screaming Eagles - Brotherhood capture 13
Brotherhood of Rog vs Das Booters - Brotherhood hold 19
The Desert Rats vs Murica! Freedom Fighters- Murica take 37
The Ferret Force vs The Ruskies- The Ruskies take 15
Finns on Crack vs Varangian Guard - Finns take 31
Rommel’s operation human shield vs Brotherhood of Rog - Brotherhood win holding 36.
Brotherhood of Rog vs Smersh - Brotherhood hold 8.
Varangian Guard vs The Desert Rats - Rats take 17 and 25
The Ferret Forcevs Black superiors - Superiors win 32 & 23.
Illinois Eagles vs Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers - draw at country 1
Screaming Eagles vs Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers - draw country 6
U been busy Rodger?
Ferret Force's Colonel Ferocious has declared that his units will be undergoing concentrated training in the art of close combat, as they were too crap today.
Theyre all (censored) Chris !
Feck the lot of yiz. 4 wins again !
IIRC David Speer's army is known as Finns on Crack. WTF are you feeding your guys, Roger C?

Colonel Ferocious.
The blood of my enemies.

And cheese lots of cheese muhahahaha
[Image: a-mouse-eating-cheese-vector-1119032.jpg]
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