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  MON DIEU!!!!!
Posted by: Morglum - 06-03-2012, 07:38 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (11)

LGC has two ETC 6 Nations champs on our roster

Monsieur André B et Monsieur André T

Vive la France!

[Image: DSCF2064.jpg]

Johnny Fisher's as it happened for the tournament.

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  Dilemma (not really - just being dramatic)
Posted by: tenaciousb - 05-30-2012, 03:36 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (17)

Folks, I had my first game of Warhammer Fantasy on saturday and I must say that I really enjoyed it - I found it very different to 40K, and was pleasantly surprised by how the mechanics worked. I played Darren's Empire against Darren and his Norse, and it really was an enjoyable game.

I played Fantasy once before - I was being tutored by the Sheriff many moons ago. I had amassed an enormous Empire army by chance at this period of my life, and gave it a go. We played the game, and I think after a few hours I gave up the ghost. I think the less said about this incident, the better, but in a related story, that said Empire army was out of my possession 48 hours later.

After saturday's game, I'm wanting to get into this great game and play others at the club who seem to be having a lot of fun with it. I'm not too sure if I'll ever play competitavely or in tournaments, but you never know.

My dilemma is this - I really fancied an Ogre army as:

a. There are only a few minis to build/paint.
b. They look cool.

After playing with the Empire, though, I really fancy an Empire army.

I can't decide.

So I'll let you all throw in your opinions, and we can take it from there.

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  Price hike
Posted by: tenaciousb - 05-23-2012, 05:18 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (26)

I'm just the bringer of good news today!

GW announced a price increase to some lines today, prices to go up on Monday May 28th

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  Summer of Flyers spotted
Posted by: tenaciousb - 05-23-2012, 11:24 AM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (12)


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  Massive Squig
Posted by: - 05-18-2012, 12:16 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (3)

What do you guys think?


Its nice but way too expensive.

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Posted by: BGJ - 05-15-2012, 08:16 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (2)

My wife ordered me some ork big guns from Bitspudlo

Just arrived today and they do look smart, set comes with Zap gun, Lobba and cannon.

[Image: 001.jpg?1303766382]

[img][Image: IMAG0238.jpg][/img]

Might be worth checking out the other bits they do. The Big Guns worked out about £11.50 each including postage.

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  Orcs and goblins
Posted by: BGJ - 05-10-2012, 03:59 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (4)

Any tips on what sort of troops are need or work guys?

I am watching a lot of auctions on eBay atm and not sure what to go for as I havent got a an army book yet (though I will get one soon). So was wondering if there are any must haves or must avoids in troop choices ?



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  Tournament Write-up
Posted by: andy t - 05-08-2012, 12:12 AM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (8)

After enjoying elixier's write up of the mini tournie at the club last weekend I thought I'd write up my 3 games from NDGH's War on 2 Fronts tournament. I had a good time and took the top spot after a couple of great games. sorry about the length of the battle reports. Also, if anyone else can be bothered I'd be interested to read what happened in their games.

List-wise i had: Lvl 4 Dark magic (general)
Lvl 4 death magic
BSB- Cauldron of blood
Master riding a Peg
15 spearelves
45 spearelves
12 crossbows
5 harpies
10 witch elves
10 shades
20 black guard
1 hydra

Game 1: Blood & Glory Scenario

The first game was against our very own Nikki and her new ogres. I was quite worried about this matchup without shadow magic but I did roll purple sun. I deployed mostly on the right side with the hydra in the middle to be able to go either side of the big ruin in the middle of the table. I kept my wizards fairly far apart fearing the hellheart (which she didn’t have in the end) and black guard went on the far left flank opposite the unit of 5 mournfang. The plan there was to lure the mournfang into position by sacrificing the harpies and have the hydra and the black guard positioned so that one or the other could flank charge next turn. One problem was the 9 Ironguts beside the mournfang so I got the pegrider into their flank (had to be flank so I would only be getting 9 S6 attacks into me not 18). I figured I would be ok with the pendant and prob win combat forcing a break test. This did not happen. He had taken a wound on dangerous terrain in the first turn and a good roll from Nikki in combat took his last 2 wounds. Here’s where it all went wrong: the hydra panicked from the pegrider going down and fled and the death sorceress was on her own 9” away from the ironguts and was promptly run down in the next turn. At this point I was yet to score any VPs and was forced to play dirty to avoid a 20-0. I conga-lined the black guard so the mournfang were out of the rest of the game killing them and I got a lucky roll to take off the stonehorn with magic.

On the right side of the board Nikki’s Bull unit with firebelly, BSB and Slaughtermaster had murdered my 12 crossbows who I had angled so that the overrun was into my big spear unit. I had made that unit WS1 with magic but the spears were doing nothing to it. The witch elves went in as well but the ogres held their break test. Nikkis next turn was the turning point imo. The ironguts had a charge needing 9s I think to get into the flank of the WEs and swing the combat. From there the ogres would have been into my generals unit and BSB and into 20-0 territory. Luckily for me she failed the charge. The WEs and spears broke the ogres on a re-rollable 5 break test and ran them down and the spears overran into the 4 leadbelchers. The ironguts took a S5 hydra breath and a whole lot of magic and shooting to reduce them to 3 and they were finished off before long. The spearelves won combat against the leadbelchers by a lot but Nikki pulled off a double 1 break test for them. It was looking good for me (miraculously) at this stage, the spears broke and ran down the leadbelchers and the last remaining WE heroically charged the Ironblaster (failed frenzy check btw!). She obviously died horribly and allowed the ironblaster to turn round and charge the Spearelves. I failed the steadfast check and they were caught.

The result was 16-4 to me in the end but I had a lot of luck at the right time. Definitely a game of 2 halves. My favourite bit was Nikki borrowing my artillery dice and misfiring her Ironblaster twice with it! Its nice to know you have loyal dice!

Thanks to Nikki for the game. Hopefully I haven’t forgotten something.

Game 2: Dawn Attack Scenario

The 2nd game was a bad pairing, being in 3rd place points-wise I should not have been playing last place. The game was with a guy called Mark with High Elves. I felt my list was particularly strong against High Elves and Marks list even more so. 2 large units of Lothern Sea Guard, 2 Bolt throwers. 20ish Phoenix Guard, 20ish White Lions, Lvl 4 Shadow w/4+ ward & thingy of spell choosiness, Lvl 1 or 2 on Life w/extra spell and a BSB with banner of sorcery (no eagles, no swordmasters!). Critically in his spell selection, he didn’t choose Pit of Shades and he didn’t roll Dwellers! Thank you Gods of Warhammer!

I had to be careful with the combats on this one due to the crazy big river all the way across the board! Obviously he was going to sit back and hammer me with missile fire so I had to run at him but If I lost combat with my spears and they were touching the river at all they couldn’t be steadfast. We set up with random deployment and all my stuff went down brilliantly and he didn’t steal the initiative. Turn one: push models forward, cast chillwind (d6 s4 hits & stops unit from shooting next turn). After that the Pegrider & harpies took out both bolt throwers, chillwind stopped a unit of sea guard shooting again so he moved them up and both wizards left that unit. Next turn I charged across the river at the sea guard with the WEs and spears. I made them WS1 with magic but only won combat slightly because he had flesh to stone on them (T5). I had the hydra in position to flame the Phoenix guard but they panicked away when I magic missiled off the life wizard close by. This left the lvl 4 right in the open in front of my crossbow unit who failed to shoot him down.

In the same turn the harpies were demolished by the White Lions who had a clear run into the Hydras flank as it was stuck in the river. I had the black guard looming just behind but they couldn’t get there to help the hydra so the pegrider on 1 wound was sacrificed to redirect the white lions. In Mark’s turn he cast mindrazor on the sea guard fighting my spears & WEs but as they were still WS1 it wasn’t enough. They broke and were caught by the WE’s who overran into the flank of the rallied Phoenix guard. The hydra charged the front of the Phoenix guard and they were wiped out. The white lions fled a charge from the black guard and I made them flee again from a charge from the spears and I cast doom & darkness on them (-3 ld) so that they failed to rally in the next turn and fled off the table.

To wrap it up, I death sniped his Lvl 4, charged his last sea guard unit with BSB with the black guard. I lost the black guard as they were miasma’d to -3WS/BS/I/M and they were at less than half strength when they got there. They failed their stubborn Ld 9 check and were run down with a massive pursuit roll that brought the sea guard right up to threaten my BSB. Thought I was in trouble here but before he was able to charge in, I was able to get the death wizard close enough to snipe his BSB then soulblight the unit (-1S & T). My general then dropped a black horror spell on them causing 27 strength tests at S2!! Told you my list was disgusting against High Elves! Anyway Mark called time before I took the remaining sea guard off with the rest of my magic phase (Yes there was going to be more) and shooting.

Ended up 20-0 to me but Mark took the moral victory by killing the pegrider (incidentally I think I need a name for her since slapnuts stormed onto the scene and into our hearts, suggestions welcome). Wasn’t really much Mark did wrong in the game, had he rolled dwellers he could have scored a few points but don’t think it would have changed the overall result.

Game 3: Meeting Engagement Scenario

I was up against Barry’s skaven in this one and I felt a had a decent chance if could death snipe the grey seer with dreaded 13th early on. Happily Barry used all his luck stealing the initiative on me and proceeded to kill that exact grey seer himself by turn 2! It was beautiful: In turn 1 he munched 2 warpstone tokens trying to skitterleap his brass orb guy and rolled double 1s doing 2 wounds and he miscast in his next turn with another wizard causing a S6 hit on every wizard in his army. Bye Bye Grey seer.

Because of the diagonal deployment, the abomination nearly got a charge into my general’s unit on turn 1. I was able to land the pegrider in front of it to take the charge next turn then reform to be touching corner to corner to allow the WEs with flaming banner in. Thought for sure they would sort it out with poisoned attacks but I only just killed it with the pegrider however not before it thunderstomped all over the WEs destroying that unit.

I moved most units forward but kept the generals unit and cauldron back where the could be protected by the pegrider and harpies. Barry did managed to Skitterleap the brass orb engineer over and missed the cauldron (instant death if template touches it). I shot off his rat darts a 1 of the ratling guns and my spears and crossbows came on as reserves in turn 1 due to the scenario. I put the spears on as far as I could on the right so the had a clear run into his army’s flank and they ended up charging the other ratling gun and overrunning into a clanrat unit which they eventually destroyed. The hydra meanwhile advanced quickly up the left flank and after surviving a shot from the warp lightning cannon on its regen flamed a big block of slaves. 19 wounds from 20 hits! It then charged the same unit and took it off, turned around and charged the other clanrat unit which it broke and chased down in the last turn.

Barry focused most of his shooting on the generals unit (which ended up with only the general and 2 spearelves left at the end) and the shades with the death sorceress. The shades took a scorch then a plagueclaw hit then were finished by some gutter runners which panicked the sorceress right towards the same gutter runners. In order to protect her I landed the Harpies in front of her thinking he has to shoot through them at the sorceress. He charged the harpies instead, I fled them and he failed to redirect into the sorceress. The gutter runners then got a pegrider in the flank who put the boot in and broke them off the board. The other gutter runners came on behind my generals unit and shot a few spearelves off. I reduced their BS to 1 so they came in for the charge and promptly panicked off the board from the stand & shoot from my generals magic crossbow.

The black guard took a perfect doomrocket strike killing 9 of them. It would have been a lot more but I deployed them only 2 ranks deep for this reason. They didn’t do a huge amount in this game, only killing 1 slave unit. The lvl 4 death sorceress on the other hand spirit leeched Barry’s general, BSB and I think she got the doom rocket guy as well.

All told it was 20-0 to me and Barry needs a new set of dice. I’ve never seen dice rolls as bad for someone all throughout the game. If there was a test to fail, he failed it in this game. Cant really claim much credit for this victory. I think I played quite well but if he had been able to 13th me it would have been a totally different story.

Thats it folks. If i've left anything out or i've made a mistake let me know.

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  2nd edition?
Posted by: stalker - 05-07-2012, 09:08 AM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (2)

Did I see you guys planning a 2nd edition game on Saturday when I popped in?!

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  Flyers? on BoW?
Posted by: Nc89 - 05-03-2012, 06:42 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (5)

Check ;
BOW flyer News?

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