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  Rogue idol
Posted by: Morglum - 02-07-2012, 09:13 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (5)


Ok I'm really tempted damn it why don’t I have a birthday coming up

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  supercheap minis....hmmmm
Posted by: - 02-07-2012, 01:11 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (6)

I wonder how these are so cheap....oh I see, they are chinese knockoffs

lets say GW order something from a chinese factory....heres the fun part kids, ANYONE can order the same thing so long as the quantity is big enough



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  Ultimate ork Stompa
Posted by: BGJ - 01-31-2012, 11:18 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (2)

An angry bird Stompa! What can I say, I want one!

[Image: 321277_md-Apocalypse%2C%20Orks%2C%20Stom...%2C000.JPG]

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  40k army planner
Posted by: BGJ - 01-30-2012, 08:09 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (14)

Anyone got a good link for a 40k army planner? I have battlescribe but there's some of the costs not 100% accurate.


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Posted by: wolfie - 01-30-2012, 02:53 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (8)


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  Forgeworld Scarabs - opinions guys?
Posted by: necrongaz - 01-27-2012, 04:28 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (9)

First impressions... they look a lot more dynamic and more menacing. Like when they first came out in metal and on 25mm bases.

But £16 for three bases worth? I'd stretch it out to four given the choice.

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  statement from BoW on the leaked 40k 6th edition
Posted by: wolfie - 01-26-2012, 10:37 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (8)

copied and pasted....

The 40K Heretics Rulebook is Real… Only it’s Not!

Yes… you heard that correctly. After a lot of digging and snooping around the inside of the great citadel (or should that be Citadel) that is Games Workshop, we have some very interesting news about the so-called Heretics 40K Rulebook… or the 6th Edition Leak for those with little flair for the dramatic!

It turns out that this is in fact an actual early version of the 6th Edition rules… but not quite. Apparently the Design department were let loose on the 40K system… they were allowed to try anything they fancied… we’re told that nothing was off the table. This “no-holds-barred” version was then edited down with the truly unworkable ideas removed and those that could prove to be exciting or contentious left in to be play-tested… so was born the Heretics 40K Rulebook!

This version was sent to trusted play-testers. Who like all trusted minions… were turned by the promise of power… or in this case internet notoriety and likely splurted the document all over the web!

I actually found this explanation to be not just more plausible (than the lone gunman theory) but a real breath of fresh air from the ‘Ivory Citadel’, and to me at least it shows a high level of innovation within the design team, and also shows that there is no shortage of ideas knocking around in there.

Word has it the design team had a real blast with this iteration of the rules (loved it apparently) but spotted alot of potential for asshats to ruin it for everyone else with unbalanced lists etc.

And there you have the crux of the issue the design team face, they could probably create a massively fun game at the drop of the hat, and simple folk like me wold love them dearly for it, but alas there is a whole other side (some say dark, Darrel says only!) to our hobby and that is the competitive win at all costs play.

So, fun as they may be, they’re not the final (or indeed likely to be anything like the complete) rule set for 6th edition… but what were we told about the actual 6th Edition Rules?

Well some really interesting stuff. For a start here’s what will not be included from the Heretics Rulebook:

Evasion Values are Out – well this was a given… I’m sure every Dark Eldar player was praying for the day that their skimmers and flyers didn’t fall over in a stiff breeze, but that’s not all. Our Man in Havana has told us that Dark Eldar players will be very pleased with the 6th Edition updates.
Could that mean an overhaul of the skimmer rules… could it mean more deadly flyers?
Of course it could mean one, both or neither. However, more robust transports would make the Dark Eldar much more deadly… so keep your eyes peeled for more revelations.

The Turn Sequence will remain the same – The biggest shake-up and the one that would mean a rewrite of Assault weapons and the death of certain “shooty armies” ( Tao ), was the turn structure that put charging/melee before shooting. I would say it was unrealistic, but in a world of extra-terrestrial and supernatural horrors, where mankind has moved to the stars… that’s probably a bit redundant.
Anyway… the turn structure will remain the same as it is now.

No Unit by Unit Activation – Yup that was pretty disappointing for me, (but who knows everything we have been told could well be misinformation too!) I was sooo looking forward to faster more intricate games with that option.

Gargantuan Creatures will remain with Forge World & Apocalypse Games – That’s right… probably no supersized tanks and critters for the main rulebook… but does that mean we won’t get any Aracknarok-sized monsters?
Well it hasn’t been ruled out, and as Land Raiders are already that size, it’s doesn’t take a genius to think we’ll be getting more big kits.
In fact that was one of the discussions… we all like to gripe about GW prices.

However, it was explained that GW are investing all the time in new kits, new moulds, more people (sculpting team is largest its ever been apparently) and a bigger and better gaming experience… you can take that at face value if you wish… but if it means more plastic kits (and fewer Finecast), and more big bad creatures and machines is it worth it?

So who will be writing this new 6th Edition Rulebook I hear you cry?

Well as you can imagine the creation of a new rule set of this scale is a team effort… but some poor soul has to captain this vessel… so who is it?

Well… that really is top secret and even we couldn’t get the name (and you can’t use thumbscrews these days!)… but we did find out who it isn’t.

So here are a few names who might be involved, but won’t be the lead writer… Matt Ward, Robin Cruddace and Phil Kelly… but if not one of them… then who?

Will you need an update to your existing Codex when 6th Edition launches?

We’re told that the new rule book was written to take into account the latest releases and so there’s no need to post a massive errata.
However, we know that there are many codices that need a revamp. So I’m very sceptical that there will be “no need for an FAQ”.

Although I’m always prepared to be proven wrong.

So, there you go… that was an interesting conversation… and it doesn’t stop there.

We got some more great bits of info that we’ll be able to share with you… but not quite yet… you’ll need to be patient.

However, until then… feel free to speculate all you want… or post a question. Perhaps we can call a few guys and see if we can get you the inside track.

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  Interclub Event - Warning/ Impending Doom
Posted by: drunkbobnopants - 01-25-2012, 10:27 AM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (4)

This is sort of a quick announcement with absolutely no details, regarding the forecoming Interclub event.

The Arkham vs LGC event is a testing event for a future larger endevour where a number of Northern Irish clubs meet in a ETC style format. Intially, this is a 4 man team event but with the scope to scale up and other game systems to be added (WHFB, Hor-machine/Warmahordes etc).

The aim of this is to help with the networking of the clubs in NI, meet and greet with other players out there that you may not see as they don't play in tournaments and ultimately get some bragging rites on the go.

If all goes to plan this should be a annual thing hosted by a different club each year. We will keep you posted when details can be thrashed out.


I'd like to hear from the masses as to what stuff you'd like to see at an event like this.

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  Team LGC
Posted by: wolfie - 01-24-2012, 10:54 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (12)

Who is interested in playing for our team in the upcoming challenges from arkham and creative destruction?

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  Epic Marine List LOL
Posted by: Nc89 - 01-17-2012, 03:20 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (4)

Was thinking about this in work ;


10X TH/SS termies
10x TH/SS termies
10x TH/SS Termies

combat squad
Razorback t/l lascannon

Combat squad
Razorback t/l lascannon

Tact squad
melta,m.melta power fist
Drop Pod - Teleport homer.

Comes in at 1995

I wanna try this for giggles, also with the new combat squad rules seems i can deep strike em in 2x locations so;

ive bought a squad of ten,
Roll for reserves;
Delare combat squading;
and apply 2x 5man termie squads in 2x different locations via deep strike rules?

Big Grin

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