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Posted by: Darkside99x - 11-10-2011, 03:28 AM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (7)

had a proprer read through the rules, kinda disapointed if im honest, the rules seem to have the worst of the current rules forced into the proper specialist game rules and needlessly so in some cases

Eg: u get the -1 penalty to hit if moving and firing and if its a rapidfire weapon ur range is still reduced to 12", the latter rule replaced the first in the later editions of 40k to account 4 the effects of reduced accuracy while moving. To further compound matters a fair amount of equipment grants bonuses when u remain stationary such as increasing range or gaining +1 BS (scopes).

Another problem is the armour save rules, they keep the Ap system of current era 40k while changing the value of a lot of the common armour and adding in some save modifiers on top of that to make things ever more needlesly complicated.

Eg: an ork chain choppa adds +1 S has, has an Ap of 6 and the armour splitting rule. In regular specialist games that wud generally equivilate to u getting +1 strength and an enemies armour being reduced by 2 (4+ becomes a 6+). In Deathsquads u get +1 strength ignore a 6+ save and reduce a better save by 1 ( a 5+ becomes a 6+ but isnt ignored by the ap for doing so).

They also seem to have takin the Matt Ward approach to the General weapons and wargear making up or changing stats.

Eg: an ork shoota is Range 18" S 3 Ap - Rapidfire
a typical Lasgun is Range 24" S 3 Ap 6 Rapidfire

coupled with an ork poor Bs this wud leave orks trying to close with a squad of guardsmen weilding those taking fire, receiving no save and firing ineffectively in response and even shud they survive to reach combat a standard ork boy has only 1 attack in deathsquads leaving them relying on the slight toughness differance to keep them standing and thats assuming the guard havent lvled any lol.

ok Rant over. Im gonna try a few games this weekend hopefully and see if its actually playable but not holding my breath lol.


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  For Darren, and others making crustys
Posted by: Duce - 11-08-2011, 02:17 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (2)


enjoy Darren Smile

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  Ork 1750 List
Posted by: BGJ - 11-03-2011, 12:42 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (32)

Ok so before I buy any more figures i decided to sit down and work out a list that I like the look of to play so I don't buy anything I don't want to begin with.

Here's what I am thinking of running with

Big Mek +KFF - 85pts
Chazghkull Thraka - 225 (might drop him for another squad of lootas)
12 Lootas - 180pts
3 Deff Koptas, twin Rokkits and Buzzsaw - 205 points
3 Killa Khans, Armour Plate, grot riggas, big shoota - 165
3 Killa Khans, Armour Plate, grots riggas, rokkit launchas - 195
30 orc boys (Sluggas and choppas), 3 big shoottas, Nob, Boss pole and Power klaw - 231
30 orc boys (Sluggas and choppas), 3 big shoottas, Nob, Boss pole and Power klaw - 231
30 orc boys (Sluggas and choppas), 3 big shoottas, Nob, Boss pole and Power klaw - 231

Total 1748

So we have a wall of khans with KFF protecting them giving cover to my mass of boyz. Lootas to give cover and koptas will be suicides to engage and take out/tie up armour.

Its nothing fancy but it seems a nice solid group which I can then add to and modify. Wanna get some feedback before I start ordering more troops.

I do have the option of dropping Ghaz and maybe going for another group of15 Lootas but his WHAAG with the 6inch extra move could really help the boyz close fast. Or I could get another 30 boyz with Nob.



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  Duce's blog properly announced.
Posted by: Duce - 11-03-2011, 11:07 AM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (5)

So i recently began a new blog which will be based on blob guard as I can't find much information on them. Although I will also contain marine articles, mechanised guad and other armies I know alongside some terrain and hobby stuff.

Not going to take it too seriously as its more for documenting my findings and opinions, but it will be updated almost daily until i catch up on all the toughts in my mind and ideas.

Also happy to take comments and requests from people.


comments welcome guys and hoping the LGC link on right gets more people seeing it form other forums.

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  New WD
Posted by: tenaciousb - 11-02-2011, 03:33 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (9)

Got the new white dwarf at lunch, with a lot of stuff on the new necrons...

They do look good, and I'm very tempted...

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  Starting 40k / IG
Posted by: reroll - 10-31-2011, 12:31 AM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (23)

I don't play 40k (yet), but want to pick up some IG for painting / modelling. Would love tips on where to start. Playing-wise I don't just want whatever is best, I want something balanced, and cool. But I don't want to make noob mistakes and buy models I will never use. What difference does it make whether I get cadians or catachans? (i prefer the look of cadians). Anything else I need to be aware of? All suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  Necron advance order and failcast Eldar
Posted by: - 10-29-2011, 01:26 AM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (43)

Well the advance order is out and I gotta say looking good

Necron advance

also failcast eldar..........

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Posted by: Darkside99x - 10-19-2011, 11:41 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (2)

Recently ive been rewatchin series's that i wathced when i was young while painting and ive just came across this in season 5 of xmen!

[Image: wtf.jpg]


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  Crazy ur gonna hate me but SKITARI
Posted by: Darkside99x - 10-19-2011, 01:23 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (11)


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  finally, a reason to play
Posted by: - 10-17-2011, 04:19 PM - Forum: Warhammer 40k - Replies (19)

for the past, lets say about 6 month's, i haven't played a single game of 40K. a sort of boycott if you will. But finally GW have listen to their necron fan base and are going to release new necrons on November 5th. YAY, now i can play 40K again, yes?

well the answer to that to be honest is still a no. maybe its just my resentment to the once great company or my lack of playing time but im not sure if i want to play a game were it takes almost a decade to being an army up to speed with new rules. it just doesn't make sense. what game has ever made you use an army or something along those lines that was made for an old edition of rules for new rules that favor the poster boys of a company? none, none at all.

it took so long for necrons to get an update that even tho they are finally coming out, im still not sure to play any more because me buying the codex and me buying the models show's GW that its all right to take a decade to renew something and really it isn't.

well just have to see im afraid, unfortunately we have been doing that for quite some time.


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