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Iron warriors icon - wolfie - 09-08-2010

Hey everyone i am looking for an iron warriors symbol of just the skull and nothing else on it. Need it to be one colout also. Does anyone know of where there is one?

I have tried a few symbols but they are not what im looking. I want a large image of the skull that comes in the transfer sheets

if anyone could help it would be great. cheers

RE: Iron warriors icon - Schism 93 - 09-10-2010

Shouldn't be too hard to draw tbh, or you could print an image you want from interweb onto blank transfer paper, which is fairly cheap

RE: Iron warriors icon - wolfie - 09-10-2010

problem is i dont want it to be a transfer. Im looking to get custom dice made and they are having problems with the images i send. so i need it to be one colour etc