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QUB Dragonslayers 2v2 40k League - Horus - 10-06-2010

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Hey people rules as follows for the 2010 league, as they say in everything good luck and have fun

Oh and sign up of course

The League

The Dragonslayers Warhammer 40k League is a competition that will stretch over the next academic year, from first match-ups with other Dragonslayers members in October to possible finals in July.

At the end of the year, prizes will be available for the top three teams or single players

Signing Up

The 40K league is still open to new sign-ups during October!

To sign up, you need to be a Dragonslayers member and register your interest with the league organiser Raymond, at a Dragonslayers meeting in the SU on Tuesday nights (I'll most likely be found around the warhammer tables!). Alternatively you can register your interest by making a post in this thread. I'll then match you up with a random opponent for your first game.

A point of contact will be needed for all entrants, either email, Facebook, mobile number, or Dragonslayers forum ID

1. Calendar of Games
  • October: Game 1
  • November: Game 2
  • December: Exam Month No Games
  • January: Exam Month No Games
  • February: Game 3
  • March: Game 4
  • April: Game 5
  • May: Final decider game if required, to be held within first 2 weeks of month
  • June: Exam Month No Games

Read on for the rules of each set of games.

2. Rules
  • 1. The league this year will allow the inclusion of 2 player teams

  • 2. Teams may alternate between players for individual games in the league if they wish to do so, as long as both players in a team take part in 1 match each. The benefit of being in a team is that if you are unable to attend Dragonslayers to play a match, your teammate can play in your stead

  • 3. Players working together will benefit from the use of two races, there are no restrictions on the army combination's available to players.

  • 4. Combined army points limits must be divided equally for a team playing an individual match together. For example in a 1500 point game each team player has 750 points to spend on units.

  • 5. Players who enter the competition as a team will receive a shared prize if they place in the finials.

  • 6. A system of game balancing will be included for this years league, after the first round players will be matched against opponents with similar win-loose records. The system will thus operate in a pyramid structure with the best players facing increasingly tough opponents.

  • 7. All armies must have 2 troop 1 HQ minimum as well as any other troops required by their codex. Combined team armies must meet these requirements however the breakdown of player units is flexible. For example for a combined team army 1 player could field the 2 troops, 1 hq and 1 elite, and the other player can field 3 heavy units. All combined armies must follow the standard force organisation chart, 2 hq max, 6 troops max, 3 heavy max, 3 fast max, and 3 elite max

  • 8. Players may change their army list multiple times during the league.

  • 9. Players must have their lists ready on the day to present to their opponents. Army lists must be clearly readable and the use of a computer to produce lists is encouraged. Players should also bring their army codex so rules may be clarified.

  • 10. In the event of any disagreements to do with the league the decision of the judges is finial with the Dragonslayers President having the finial call in all matters.

3. Games

Timing of Games: Players must play within the month of their scheduled games, players who fail to make contact will count as a disqualification once the month ends, if both players are having trouble scheduling let me know and I will try get it sorted

Win counts as 3 points
Draw counts as 2 points
Loss counts as 1 point
Disqualification results in 0 points

Games will be played on tables of 6 by 4 feet constructed by judges or an unbiased committee member

Individual Game Breakdown.

Game 1
1500 points game, seize ground, pitched battle

Game 2
2000 points game Capture control, Spearhead

Game 3
2000 points game Dawn of war, Annihilate

Game 4
2000 points game Random game type will be rolled for in the month

Game 5
2500 points game Random game type, where individuals roll

In the event of a runoff the finial decider game will be chosen by the judges.

Killian 'Deep-Green-X' Mc Keever - Dragonslayers President

What Is The Terror Of Death?
That We Die, Our Work Incomplete!
What Is The Joy Of Life?
To Die, Knowing Our Task Is Done.

RE: QUB Dragonslayers 2v2 40k League - wolfie - 10-06-2010

Im gonna start going but hunting to get a team mateola

RE: QUB Dragonslayers 2v2 40k League - drunkbobnopants - 10-08-2010

No restrictions on paint but I think but proper bases must be used. Any "count as" models clearly stated and agreed upon before the game.

Also it's not retricted to teams of two. An individual may enter but is restricted to a single army instead of splitting the FOC over two armies.