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Season Two Table - reroll - 02-23-2014

[Image: table_1.png]

RE: Season Two Table - GJP - 02-23-2014

Nice work!

RE: Season Two Table - reroll - 03-11-2014


RE: Season Two Table - reroll - 03-23-2014

Updated again. The Dark ELves beat the High Elves 3 - 2 today.

RE: Season Two Table - reroll - 04-12-2014

Table updated after the Humans and Wood Elves drew today.

(I've added the dates of matches - they'd not necessarily 100% accurate, it's more just to keep a track of how long a season takes us).

RE: Season Two Table - Ironwolf - 04-13-2014

Room for an Orc team to play Smile

RE: Season Two Table - reroll - 04-13-2014

(04-13-2014, 12:11 AM)Ironwolf Wrote: Room for an Orc team to play Smile

PM sent, and covered in the thread about being half way through Season Two. As we are half way, probably best to wait until Season Three, hopefully not too long. Thanks for your interest.

RE: Season Two Table - reroll - 04-20-2014

Table updated.

RE: Season Two Table - reroll - 06-23-2014

Table updated after the Goblins secured top spot in Group Two. Chaos Pact sit second and need to play the Apes in the last game of this group. Chaos Pact will take second spot if they avoid being beaten by 3 in that game - if not, the Apes will leapfrog both the Pact and the Dwarfs. There is now no result connotation which will result in the Dwarfs going through - it's either the Chaos Pact or the Apes.

2 games left in Group One, both involving the Humans, who I believe are playing the High Elves this week. If the Humans win, they're guaranteed to qualify for the semi-finals. If they lose or draw, they'd then need to beat the dark Elves in their last game to get through.

RE: Season Two Table - reroll - 06-26-2014

Updated again after Iillithidd's Human 'Terminators' drew with Karras' High Elf 'Awesomes' 1-1 last night.

So one game left in each group.

In Group One, Iridivius' Dark Elf 'Underachievers' aren't living up to their name as they are now uncatchable and have won the group. The Awesomes sit second but can be over-taken by the Terminators if they beat the Dark Elves in the last game in this group.

Group Two is as per the previous post - GJP's Goblins have won, and Colmo's Chaos Pact sit second but can be overtaken by Morglum's monkeys if he wins their game by 3.