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War Declared! - wolfie - 08-09-2014

Kampfgruppe Ehrfürchtig have openly declared war on:
Conglomerate of Africa
Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers
The Desert Rats
Ferret Force

RE: War Declared! - tenaciousb - 08-09-2014

(censored) bring it, douchebag

RE: War Declared! - Eiglepulper - 08-10-2014

Kiss my furry ferret ar$e.

Has the tea kettle boiled yet?

- Colonel Ferocious, O/C Ferret Force.

RE: War Declared! - STEPHEN PADRAIG TAYLOR - 08-17-2014

Look at my tanks that go anywhere and have a flying dustbin of explosives!!!!!

RE: War Declared! - Eiglepulper - 08-22-2014

Flying Dustbins are great.

So are scaly dinosaur-era creatures with big teeth: