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Hours heresy - Galloway612 - 11-20-2015

Hey guys. My books arrived from forgeworld today for the 30k legion rules. Have to say the books are expensive but of amazing quality. Pages and iconography are presented really well.

How is everyone getting on with their heresy legions? Really want to get everything built and give it a bash soon.

RE: Hours heresy - Jonto81 - 11-20-2015

Mine is mostly still in box - going to try a schedule a day in Feb (possibly 13th) to try and organise a start on istavaan campaign using whatever legions anyone has, possibly at 1000 point level and if that goes well enough move points level up and go for another day in March to continue on

RE: Hours heresy - Morglum - 11-21-2015

I picked up two betrayal boxsets already probably going to add lorgar and some gal vorbak.

Just got all my tourney building out of the way so started building the Marines.

RE: Hours heresy - Jamiecann - 11-21-2015

So far I have only opened up my Calth kit to play around with the Night Lords painting scheme. I made one Atramentar terminator (dual claws), and turned my Chaplain into a Moritat with dual plasma pistols and a head swap (I will be bringing him in tomorrow to get some feedback).

I am waiting for my Chinese recast delivery to be sorted before I go all out with my Night Lords, since I ordered 30 new heads, 10 Night Raptors, and 10 destroyer marines. Between all of that and Calth, I think I will have an easy 2000 points of highly mobile, scary marines!