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Chaos Space Marines rumours - Morglum - 12-06-2015

If even part of this is true oh hell yes!

Ofc it's just rumours from an unspecified source but still it's what Chaos has needed for a LONG time.

RE: Chaos Space Marines rumours - Cycrosa - 12-06-2015

I mean, this would be the best thing ever if it happened, (Plus the Black Library sale DOESN'T have the Chaos Marine codex on sale, so eyebrows raised?), but take the whole salt shaker with this, it doesn't seem to make sense in terms of balance, but yet to see point costs, and of course, many formations as well, cause that seems to be the new thing from GW recently.

RE: Chaos Space Marines rumours - Morglum - 12-06-2015

Good spot yeah wouldn't be the first time something missing from a webby has been an indication of something about to hit. Oh here and while mentioning GW having a sale on something isn't that a sign of the apocalypse?

My bullshit meter is immediately raised by the fact it's almost a codex worth of rules yet unable to take a picture I mean how the feck can you remember all that!

Still I really do hope they make a big deal out of Chaos this time round it deserves to be as fleshed out as the space marines book.

Assault out of deepstrike though eekk.

RE: Chaos Space Marines rumours - Just4kix - 12-06-2015

Here's hoping,could be tempted to blow the dust of the chaps. Was in GW getting some paint couple weeks ago, one of the staff hinted at a new chaos codec. They were no longer able to get them which for them indicates new codex on the way.

RE: Chaos Space Marines rumours - Morglum - 12-06-2015

I have seen some other rumours pointing at a new CSM dex Dave so fingers crossed.