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LGC 40k dead? - stalker - 03-28-2016

Hey guys,

Is anyone still enjoying 40k at the club? I see its been a good while since I've seen anything 40k related here at all :p

I still love it and love the casual side more fun, not played a tonne but have really enjoyed what I have!

RE: LGC 40k dead? - Morglum - 03-28-2016

Yes and no.

Yes, while the whole club used to play it a large portion moved to other games. Theres also quite a lot of new games popping up at the club.

No, their is games of it or 30k played pretty much every week.

Is still think it's the best game around personally but I played it a Lot in 2015 while I'm not sick of it I'm enjoying the break. I'll probably not be playing again till the 30k campaign starts in may (unless some of my team NI mates are looking practice games ofc)

RE: LGC 40k dead? - Eiglepulper - 03-28-2016

It used to be my one and only game, but unfortunately real life events, rules changes aplenty and the sheer volume of other changes and new models just made it impossible for me to continue.

There are some players who come down but as was said earlier, the old regular players have moved on to other systems for whatever their reasons.

Roger B.

RE: LGC 40k dead? - Jamiecann - 03-28-2016

There is still a good amount of 40k at the club, but usually played by Team NI members - you should always be able to get a pick-up game by asking on the game arranging page.

As mentioned above, 30k is very active since the release of the Betrayal at Calth set, with a narrative campaign about to start in the coming month!

RE: LGC 40k dead? - stalker - 03-30-2016

Cheers guys, good to hear its not totally dead I love the game too much for that!

I will be looking to get myself down as soon as I'm sorted and not working!