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Cygnar! - Darkside99x - 06-26-2011

first jack done, a LOT more detail to work with than it would appear

[Image: P1020353.jpg]

RE: Cygnar! - crazytoad - 06-26-2011

Very nice Smile

RE: Cygnar! - tenaciousb - 06-27-2011


RE: Cygnar! - Schism 93 - 06-27-2011

Didn't take you long!! If you wanna try out some other casters without repping I can lend you eStryker and eHaley

RE: Cygnar! - Darkside99x - 06-28-2011


those clever people even sell green stuff that isnt precured!

RE: Cygnar! - Schism 93 - 06-28-2011

Pretty sure Arkham had both those putties at Q-Con, they definitely had the GF9 grey stuff on the Friday, spotted it when looking for templates