Athletico Loren 0 v Karak-Khazril Gromril 2
So Eddie's Dwarfs played Bryan's Wood Elves in the first bottom half playoff game and on this occasion Eddie came out on top in a fairly tight match-up.

As the Dwarfs Team Value has spiralled out of control over the past 2 seasons, Bryan was able to induce a second apothecary and a Blood Bowl Babe to even the odds up.

Eddie gained +1 FAME and with the weather forecast for heavy rain (meaning that catches, interceptions and pickups had a -1 modifier) things looked positive for the Dwarfs as the game kicked off.

Bryan won the toss and opted to kick off, a fact lost on Eddie who kept his Deathroller sitting in the reserves box but as the early turns passed by you would hardly have known - by turn 5 the Elves had 7 players in the KO or injured box, and both apothecaries were working furiously.

Even still, it took a lucky dice roll in turn 8 for Runner Flintforge to score the 1st touchdown of the game.

Half-time 1-0 to the Gromril

The second half kicked off with most of the Elves back on the pitch, thanks to the inspired decision to hire that second apothecary and the Babes and within a few turns the Elves were in a position to put a Wardancer in for an equalising TD.

However, in order to manufacture the scoring opportunity, Bryan had used all his rerolls and failed the necessary catch. The ball bounced into touch and ended up temptingly in the middle of the pitch, right where Runner Kurt was lurking. At this stage the Elves were spread too thinly and in turn 7 the Gromril scored again.

Final score 2-0 to Karak-Khazril Gromril

Yet again the advantage of having 4 Dwarfs pimped out with Guard skill can't be underestimated, meaning that more often than not they were getting 2 or even 3 dice blocks against the puny Elves. Coupled with the base Tackle skill on Dwarf Linemen the Wood Elves were really up against it from the start. That being said even with so many casualties it still wasn't a push over and it came down to one unlucky dice roll by the Elves for the Dwarfs to get the win.
Did the deathroller get on to the pitch in end? Sounds like the Dwarfs are final clicking into gear.
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Yeah made it on for turn 16 - I kept it on reserve in the second half expecting a quick Elf TD, which didn't come.

It actually took me until about turn 4 to realise that I should have had it on. Especially when I said to reroll that I was keen to play the game to give the Deathroller a run out, it's particularly stupid of me.

Having Guard right across the team really makes the difference. I've now got it on 5 players but my TV is 1500!
He played very well. I saw very little of the ball, and couldn't even get close to it when he had it. Cage ground slowly down the pitch exactly as planned.

Though that failed catch to equalise was rain-affected; that's BloodBowl for you!
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