LGCBBL S3 Pre-season Friendly Report
LGCBBL Season 3 Pre-Season Match - Bogenhafen Fog vs. Morglum’s Orcs
Before Xmas, Morglum and I had the first pre-season game of LGCBBL Season 3. (There have been other practice games of the new BB, but none that were counting as pre-season games as far as I’m aware).

As well as the violence and silky skills on show during a match, between matches teams can improve by spending money (earned in-game) on new players (or other things), and by spending Star Player Points (SPP; earned in-game) to learn new player skills (or even stat boosts) – this adds a roleplaying / team development aspect that brings even more fun to the game.
Pre-season games are the ideal opportunity for new players to learn the game, or existing players to blow off the cobwebs. Players can also get a taste of the team development element in pre-season too.

The new Blood Bowl slightly reduces the money and SPP that can be earned in pre-season games (vs. previous versions of the game), to make league games more important than pre-season games I guess.

My new human team is called Bogenhafen Fog – anyone who remembers the old Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay adventure may know that things got a bit ‘dark’ in the market town of Bogenhafen when the fog rolled in, and I plan to bring this to life by playing them in a more hurty and dirty fashion than is normal for humans.

Morglum’s Orc team was unnamed at this stage – you can treat pre-season just as practice games, play different teams, ditch a team if you realise you don’t like them (or got too many injuries) – you’re not stuck with them, so play whatever you like. The only rule is you can’t enter the league with a team that has played more than 3 pre-season games, so that teams aren’t too advanced when the league starts. (Note that Blood Bowl has a good system – called ‘inducements’ - for balancing games where one more team is way more advanced than another – this isn’t relevant in the very early stages, but just pointing it out for new players who are wondering about playing teams who have played more games than their team has).

Anyway, the match. 12,000 fans, mostly humans (which gave me a slight advantage) turned up on a very sunny day (so sunny, it was harder than normal to pass the ball) to watch the pre-season kick off.  One of my two Catchers scored a touchdown at the end of the first half, after a very flukey pass roll (needed a 6, got it on the Thrower’s “Pass” skill reroll). The "Fog" also inflicted two Casualties on the Orcs (one by a Blitzer and the other by my Ogre). So 1-0 score to the humans, and 2-0 on Casualties.

Note we were using the new Special Play cards – we’ve said we’ll play the new tweaks to the rules for pre-season to get them road-tested, then decide whether we want to change any of them for when the actual league starts. Most of them had little or no effect, e.g. the Doom Diver card who would allow me to choose the direction the ball would be thrown back in if it went off the pitch (which didn’t happen this game). Morglum’s cards had no effect / opportunity. However one other card I had, called “Ego” (or something like that) meant that Morglum had to move the player I chose first every turn – this turned out to be very effective, as I played it on the Thrower that Orcs would sometimes use to be their ball carrier (as he’s better at picking it up to start with). This was a real spanner in the works for Morglum, as sometimes you’d want to bash a safe route with your better (at blocking) players first, then move the ball carrier into the pocket you’d created – this card removed that option (unless you decide to use someone else as your ball carrier) in this case. We’ll continue to use the Special Play cards for pre-season to see what else we find (and any counters to them), but this might be one to tone-down (e.g. randomise the player, or make it not last all game). We’ll see what others think.

No player earned enough SPP to get a skill yet. I earned 40,000 gold (not enough to buy anything extra yet). Morglum earned a bit less.

Was a good, fun game – my first for a long time Smile

Look forward to meeting more of you on the pitch.
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