LGCBBL Season 3 summary - THANK YOU
A massive THANK YOU to everyone who participated in LGCBBL's biggest and best season yet.

Excluding pre-season games -
* it took 7 months from the fist kick-off to the big finale today
* we played 76 games (10.9 per month)
* we scored 208 touchdowns (2.7 per game)
* we caused 258 casualties (3.4 per game)
* Kaiowas won the big prize ("Champions League" playoffs, for those who qualified from the 6 groups). He also took joint Most Casualties, with Duce
* Iridivus won the other prize ("Europa League" playoffs, for those who didn't qualify from their group, OR who lost in the first Champions League playoff round). This was the first time we had 2 separate winners-bracket and losers-bracket competitions. Iridivus was also the Season 2 champion
* For the first time we also had a 4 way Dungeonbowl, just for fun. It was won by Lithium
* Gorninator took Most Touchdowns
*Sir_M1ke took Best Defence

Season 4 details will follow soon.

Photobucket decided to stop letting users post their images on forums so a lot of the tables etc. disappeared a while back - apologies. I've now switched to Imgur, and will upload any other images anyone requests, but for now here's a select few -

[Image: 1jmlIYM.png]
[Image: QayEAEM.png]

This table shows group and playoff games combined (yellow shows those who qualified from their group) -

[Image: QNzejbb.png]

For those who haven't seen Dungeonbowl -
[Image: Ao0QjBn.jpg]
[Image: nafId?n=19316&s=2]

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