Out of curosity whats the following in the club like for this? I'd be tempted to get a casual small campaign going and build up a guard squad as a gang of some sort.

Terrainwise i think i have enough for 1-2 tables, just need to relearn the rules or alter them to make ti simplier like 5th edition.
The second ed necro already simplified. Have rules for both editions. I think second ed is the better option if you ignore/alter the clan weapons and make the outlanders rules more like 1st ed.

I would rather see necromunda adapted to incorporate gorkamorka so both can be played together (but that is a lot of time I don't have to make it work well)

There is a league with some of my belfast mates right now I'm considering joining as I never have enough time at club as it is
i actually have the rules for gorkamunda from the white dwarf article as a pdf if u want them lol.
I have the 1st ed hard back. Be well into a campaign if one was run but obviously would need the 2ed rules from somewhere. My gang is actually an old Confrontation gang for those who remember.
@Darren, please

@Eddie, I use my Void 1.0 models for my Van Saar
i used to have orlocks, but used them for 40k purposes
[Image: Not+the+mama+_5dbac1947b4f5268d7cbbc57ee1cff85.gif]

[Image: FireflyDance.gif]
Would usnig 5th edition 40k rules work, if few minor things were tweaked (say +1 coversaves if on higher levels etc) to keep it simple. Haven't seen the 2nd edition necro rules though.
2nd Ed was basically changing sustained fire dice to D3, changing templates to match current GW ones and adding in house specific equipment lists (which sucked ass, because you could only get common items that GW made models for even mid campaign you had to look for them in trade areas)

5th ed 40K would be poor on this scale I think, you could form a hybrid skirmish system between 2nd and 5th ed rules, but just using 5th ed would be bad imho and the effort to re-write could be spent making a system superior to both.
have have a load of necro munda terrain, plus other terrain.

couple of gangs.

all the PDF's downloaded and printed for outlanders, arbites the lot.

would love to get a campaign going, got some campaigns details form campaigns done in the past, house rules for genestealer gangs etc.

got old templates etc for second edition.

best gws game ever.

(08-12-2011, 11:45 PM)kommissarboris Wrote: best gws game ever.

In competition with Blood Bowl and Gorkamorka, to me, but still an awesome game


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