LGC 2nd Birthday
Saturday 7th April LGC will celebrate its 2nd birthday!

Rather than try to go over board this year again, instead what we shall do is host a few smaller games that can be fun for alot of people. Since 40k is our most popular game then both games will be set around that

One game will be a 40k character duel, where you can create your character and duel other made characters in a battle royal of sorts. (rules to follow later)

the other game will be King of the Hill
Rules are simple, we will have a piece of scenery in the middle of a board and players will have to try to take and hold it until the game ends. This is for 2-4 players. We may run a few games of this at once if there is enough interest.
Other Rules:
-1 HQ, 2 Troops
-500 points max
-Only one Dedicated transport allowed
-No Named characters

Bob will be running this.

Prizes will be awared to the top two players for both games!

There will still be free tables for the usual other games

Update 1/4/12
Unfortunately we could not get the character battle arranged so we will just be going with the king of the hill.

There will be a sign up for this at the beginning of the week. Also people can still attend just on the day.

We aim to have atleast 12 people interested and playing in possibly 3 or 4 seperate games. The winners of each game will then go forward into playing another game with the winners of all the games until we can get one winner.

Overall winner will win a special prize.

Prize will remain a secret (but its a good one)

Bob is looking after this. He will be the one answering questions. Hopefully soon. But james i assume Space wolves only get 1 HQ still. as for the rest i dont know. Hopefully bob will answer.
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I missed out last year.

Hmm king of the hill sounds good.

I already have a few ideas down for that Wink

I am gonna miss out this year Sad... but only cos I will be in Tenerife
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I'll be down for a while atleast! Smile
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I'm going for king of the hill if can make it down, so to confirm we can ONLY have 1HQ and 2 troops no transports.

should be interesting.

Quick Edit:

For the table maybe it would be useful to add in some terrain pieces around the board and some which block LOS to stop camping until late game?
I'm up for KOTH!
Actually a couple of questions Colin (Sorries!)

- Infiltrators, will this be done in the order the players win the roll off? and if so will they beable to deploy on the piece of terrain in the middle?

- Outflankers / reserves, will these be allowed for non daemon armies, as assuming the long table edge is still your walk in edge it means coming in behind or very close to opponents units.

- Regarding the 1HQ, does this apply to Space wolves and the likes who get more than 1 per slot,

- And further to that question things like command squads or non essential HQ's, eg warlocks being taken as well as a farseer, or is purely 1 HQ choice and no additions.

original post updated
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