thinking off a necron 40,000 army, ideas?
im thinking of making a necron army for 40,000, what would be a good place to start off?
Well you have to have a Lord and at least 20 warriors. You can either do a Wraith wing, a Destroyer wing, a Immortal based list or a monolith based list, depends what you're after really.
if i did a wraith wing along with a destroyer wing with warriors and a lord, would that be a good componation?
Sorry Steam Powered Crab, I don't think I explained myself very well.
The problem with Necrons, as far as I can read and tell, is that all our good options are in the same sections, Fast Attack and Heavy Support.
When I say wing, I mean maxing out a section so in a Destroyer wing (which is mainly shoot the crap out of stuff), you have 3x5 Destroyers and in a Wraith wing (which is CC orientated), you will have 3x3 Wraiths. So from there you're limited to what points you want to take.
right, that makes alot more sense now. sorry to sound stupid but does 3x5 mean 15??
Oh yes!! 15, that's potentially 45 S6 shots per turn
Well i used to play necrons long ago and i loved them.
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