Getting Da Lads Round
Firstly a big thanks to Colin for starting this sub-forum thingy and to everyone who is going to take part in this tale of x gamers (currently 7 but may change), especially Bill for being willing to make a film about our collective journeys.

So, I'm doing Orks.

Regretting that looking at how many I need to paint lol. But I've been meaning to get these guys painted for a couple of years now. It is a big change of pace from my usual elite armies, but that's half the point really, not used them in ages and will have to learn about using horde armies or get tabled a lot Wink

It is themed around the Blood Axe clan, so get to paint loads of camo Smile Will try to have each squad in different camo, by the time we reach 1,750 I will need 8 different camo designs all based around black, grey and white, with urban bases to match.

Also, all my vehicles will be scratch-built to look like various armour from American WW2 forces (American soldiers and Orks can have many parallels drawn Wink but will hope my artillery avoids friendly fire too much).

Army composition is a mixed force, some mechanised, some foot sloggers. It is being designed for friendly game play, so I can make my Eldar more competitvely edged and just have the two ready to wheel out depending on my opponent and their preferred playing style Smile

Keep tuned for my finalised starting 500 points and pics of first few Big Grin
Maybe i missed read or am blind but what is the Tale of X Gamers?
Same thing as tale of 4 gamers from various WDs, just with more people Smile

So, it's taking a bit of jigging about as most my units come to 150 points, but to keep it simple and instantly blood axey I have lumped for this list

Big Mek-Kustom Force Field, Eavy Armour and Cybork body-100

10 Kommandos-Burna and a Nob with Power Klaw-150

20 Shoota Boyz-2 Big Shootas and a Nob with Big Choppa and Bosspole-150
10 Slugga Boyz-Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole-100

500 points

That's 41 models to get painted! Need to get finger out Sad The slugga boyz will soon have a transport added, thinking if I add another unit plus 10 slugga boyz next month then the month after do another unit and 2 truks. This will give 250 point blocks for expansion up to 1000
Just thought I'd give you a few suggestions in regards to your list and the best way to start with Orks

This is your core mind you it's only a suggestion but it starts things on the right foot


Big Mek (85pts)
Selections: Choppa, Kustom Force Field (50pts)
Kustom force field is all you want

Ork Boys (220pts)
Selections: 30x Boy (180pts)
Nob (40pts)
Selections: Bosspole (5pts), Power Klaw (25pts)
Ork Boys (220pts)
Selections: 30x Boy (180pts)
Nob (40pts)
Selections: Bosspole (5pts), Power Klaw (25pts)

60 boys You can easily use them as Trukk boys squads in the future by adding trucks and that they're cheap as chips on eBay

Basically put boys before toys

(525pts Total)

can you post your 1750 list to see if I can help.

Also worth checking out is Da WAAAGH it's one of the best Ork forums on the net.

I'm Deimos
It's not meant to be powered, just fluffy and fun Smile (I even have looted wagons which suck but cheaper than battlewagons)

Will pm you my rough draft of 1750 so people dont get it confused with final version, it is a mixed force which doesn't generally work for orks that well, but dont care too much, orks never lose Wink
ex_idol I know you're doing it for fun, it's just it will be easier in the future to expand your army if you have a core group of boys,

it just gives you a foundation to build upon.

also check out for much-needed inspiration.
Good site, some of them are damn awesome, cheers Smile Will be going for a very different aesthetic, but can very much appreciate these cool models (especially the squigs)

Will pm the 1750 now man Smile
Been stripping the last few orks for this month tonight (ohh err) Smile

Will have everything sprayed and underway tomorrow night, plan is to get all base coats and a black wash done by Sunday evening, 2nd base on Tuesday, highlights Wed/Thurs and details on Friday so are gaming ready for the 23rd even if I miss 2 of these deadlines Smile

They won't be based by then but will be well on the way Big Grin
Got my hands on a decent camera so will be trying to get step by step guide up over next few days Smile
Base coating 2 open pose models for painting guide now, black ink tonight then get next coat and ink sunday then highlights and details another night Smile should get first part up tonight or sunday

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