Blood Angels for the Blood Angels God!
lol idd
Not much of an update, but I'm busy magnetising Death Company dudes.

My Sang Guard and a Baal are all magnetised, so nice weapon swapouts can be made! I loves me some magnets!

you and me both, magnets make the annoying WYSIWYG work when you want to try other options.
exactly! And the plus side is that the weapons are interchangeable on other magnetised models!

I've done my speeders and bikers so they can swap meltas and bikers. preds so can swap them from autocannon to lascannon to baal pred turret, same with sponsons,
Undercoated most stuff, so the painting factory has started!

Good stuff man, look forward to seeing the results. Are they normal blood angels or a variant and how you painting them?
I think I'll be sticking with The Crimson Fist colours, but use the BA rules. Crazy, I know lol, but I have a pretty decent CF army, and I don't wanna see it go to waste.

Makes sense, means you can do marine, BA or SW, whichever takes your fancy, same as Duce does Smile
Its the way forward, having the fun of swapping codex's as you want/need Smile

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