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Hey folks it was mentioned at the club AGM on Saturday that we will be starting a Blog well its almost up and running in fact you can view the page already

My aim for this blog is not just for myself or a select few but for any member of the club to contribute. There will of course be posts about events happening at the club and other such club related stuff but really I'd love to see people writing about things they feel others may find interesting.


If you visit a tournament

Play a new game you wish to review, or maybe its one you enjoy and you want to drum up some interest and see if others might take to it also.

Maybe drum up some interest in an event your running or a team your captaining and want recruits for (wink wink Mr Sheridan)

Read a hobby related book

Watch a geeky movie and want to tell people about it (no spoilers ofc Big Grin)

How to guides maybe for painting or modelling

Maybe showcase a unit for your army

Show were your dreadball teams background came from.

I know there are about a million other things also its not just limited to what I've mentioned above.

All you have to do is write your article and send me an e-mail include any pictures you want to add and I will do the rest for you it's that simple.

If you feel that just the occasional article is not enough for you and maybe you fancy doing a regular article let me know and we will sort something out.
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