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I was hoping some of the painting enthusiasts here could provide me with some advice for picking up some paint brushes that fit somewhere in the good quality and don't need to remortgage your house section.

I have only been painting for around 2 months and I bought a fine detail 2/0 brush from modellers nook in belfast and whilst ii was ok for a while the bristles are already starting to split, the 2 brushes I bought from GW are along the same lines, in fact the standard brush that came with their hobby set was poor straight out of the box

I would also like some advice for taking better care of brushes to prolong their lifespan

Thanks guys
Tbh, I just cheap fine tip brushes that my missus' picks me up from easons. I would go through a lot of them. The best advice is clean em regularly and clean the protection cap on them, also I heard about painting in one direction all the time always helps to keep the bristles in "shape"

the model shop out the back of castle court has a few good ones i like
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Keep them clean, dont let the paint go up under the metal collar. I get mine from Bradbury Graphics as they arent too pricey and have a great selection. I have got a few decent brushes off Amazon as well.
let them dry with the bristles aimed towards the ground is a good way to keep the brush straight (stops water from affecting the glue which holds the hairs together.)

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Thanks for the comments
I use the masters brush cleaner to clean them after I am finished a painting session. I find that if you leave them to dry with some of the soap in the brush then it keeps the shape rather well. Have been using my current set of brushes for over a year without problems doing this.
I think Bradbury Graphics in Belfast also sell it.

Oh nice Noel I've been thinking about getting a brush cleaner cheers for the link may give it a try
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