First Season Two Game - WE vs HE
Atheletico Loren (Reroll’s Wood Elves) vs Anlec Awesomes (Karras’ High Elves)

First LGCBBL Season Two League Game.

Bumper crowd of 24,000 fans, FAME to the Wood Elves. Nice weather.

Half 1 Turn 1 – both teams receive a bribe on the kick-off table
High Elves (HE) received, and straight away sent a Wood Elf (WE) Journeyman Lineman to the casualty box, so had a numerical advantage. HE Thrower picks up ball and passes to Blitzer.
WE Wardancer Aravilar knocks out the HE ball carrier – ball is loose. WE Lineman knocks himself and an HE Lineman down.

HE Lineman knocks out Aolis, the Agility 5 WE Catcher. An HE foul stuns a WE Lineman, but the ref sees it – that bribe earned at the start of the match saves the HE from being sent off.
WE Lineman knocks himself and an HE Lineman down.

HEs pick-up the ball, dodge away, handoff to their Thrower but he fluffs the pass.
WE Lineman picks it up, and throws, but it’s intercepted by an HE Lineman.

HE Lineman runs in a touchdown. 1 – 0 to the HE.
High kick result on the kick-off table, so ball goes straight to Wardancer Aravilar, who has moved into position. Aravilar passes it to a Lineman, then receives the ball back via a hand-off.

HEs move up to pressure the ball carrier.
WEs then pull one of their covering-most-of-the-length-of-the-pitch touchdown attempts by running forward with the ball, handing it off to someone else who runs further forward then throws the touchdown pass, but Wardancer Argus fluffs the catch and drops the ball.

HE Lineman fumbles what would have been a touchdown pass.
WEs get two tackle zones on the ball.

As the game continues to be end-to-end, an HE Lineman nips in and picks up the ball, dodges out, and tries to throw a touchdown pass, but it’s intercepted by WE Lineman Ajaar.
Ajaar hands-off the ball to WE Lineman Agis who could have scored, but he dropped the hand-off!

HE Lineman double Both-Downs a block
WE Lineman Ajaar dodges in, picks up the ball, runs away, and Goes For It to score and level the game at 1 – 1 at the end of the first half.

HALF TIME. WE Catcher Aolis recovers from being knocked out.

WE Lineman Ajaar picks up the ball and passes it to Catcher Aolis. In doing so, Ajaar now has an interception, a touchdown and a completed pass in this game – 6 Star Player Points (SPP) earns him a skill roll.
HE move up to pressure the ball carrier.

WE Catcher Aolis moves up to pass to a Wardancer who has moved downfield, but the HE Thrower intercepts the pass!
HE Thrower moves and passes to the HE Lineman who’d moved furthest forward when pressuring the WEs last turn. He then runs up to near the endzone.

WEs move up to make it harder for the HEs to score by putting a tacklezone on the ball carrier, but...
... HE ballcarrier dodges away and runs into the end zone. 2 – 1 to the High Elves.

WEs earn a reroll on the kick-off table, and receive the ball. Lineman Alosrin passes to Catcher Aolis, who hands off to Wardancer Aravilar. WEs form a cage around him on their right.
HEs get a 3 dice block on Wardancer Argus, but only push him.

Argus leaps over his attackers, dodges away and runs into the endzone. Wardancer Aravilar hands the ball to Catcher Aolis who is on the corner of Aravilar’s cage. Aolis peels off with the ball, runs forward, and attempts to pass to Argus in the endzone, but fumbles the pass!
HE Thrower picks up and passes to HE Blitzer who runs upfield.

WEs run back to defend.
HE Blitzer ballcarrier judges he’ll not make it to the endzone due to number of faster WEs on his tail, so tries a pass to switch the ball to an HE on the other side of the field, but fumbles the pass.

WE Lineman picks up the ball and tries a long pass to a WE in the endzone, but fumbles the pass.
HEs try to pick up the ball but fluff it under pressure, but the ball then bounces around and ends up in the hands of one of their Blitzers.

Wardancer falls over trying to Go For It to blitz the HE ballcarrier.
HEs get the ball to their Thrower who passes to a Lineman who’s within range of the endzone, but he fluffs the catch.

Final score 2 – 1 to the High Elves. 1 Casualty caused by the High Elves, none by the Wood Elves.

Wood Elf MVP goes to Lineman Abadda, who has no other SPP, so no skill-up there. Lineman Ajaar who earned a skill-up in the game gets a normal skill roll and will probably take Kick.

High Elf MVP goes to a Blitzer who earns a skill-up. Doubles skill rolled, so maybe Guard or whatever Karras chooses.
The High Elves also have a Lineman who skills-up. Normal skill rolled.
And the High Elf Thrower who has done so well in their 2 games (including their pre-season game) skills-up too and rolls 11 to earn Agility 5!

High Elves receive 70k gold, Wood Elves receive 50k, and both teams’ fan factor rises by one.

Wood Elves now have 140k in the bank, and many options –
• With only 1 casualty in 3 games, the Treeman is a good option
• With all the failed rolls above, an extra reroll is another option
• With all the fluffed passes, a Thrower would be worthwhile
• And with Agility 5 Catcher Aolis having earned no SPP since his first game and appearing to be used wrongly (ie for ball retrieving and distributing), maybe another Catcher would take some of the responsibility off him and let him get back to doing what he does best.

A very exciting, end-to-end game, which could easily have had a much higher score. Both teams appeared a bit rusty in what was after all the first league game of season two, so here’s hoping that improves!

So the Anlec Awesomes sit top of Group One, with Dark Elves (Iridivius), Humans (Iillithidd) and Chaos Pact (Colmo) still to come (in no particular order).

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End to end stuff. Well done Karras for whipping those poncy flower fairies.
I think this game had more interceptions than my whole BB career up to this point!

Also it is look to see the High Elves keeping up the standards set for them in Season 1!
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Rules question - how did both teams receive a bump in fan factor? I thought the lose could only stay them same or go down?
You're right Mark, good shout. I didn't actually read the whole thing, just the 2D6 loser / 3D6 winner bit, and then assumed they both worked the same from there. I'll adjust my team sheet, thanks for pointing that out.
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I only thought I was losing out! Sounds like a good match, though a lot lower scoring than i would have thought considering the two teams.
(02-23-2014, 10:41 PM)Iridivus Wrote: I only thought I was losing out! Sounds like a good match, though a lot lower scoring than i would have thought considering the two teams.

Yeah, the rerolls ran out early, followed by lots of 1s on the dice!
I have now purchased another reroll as a result!
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